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kid making furniture A student at Saint Brigid of Kildare School in Dublin, Ohio, hammers in the final touches on a table being build for the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio's "Tables for Thanksgiving" project, November 23, 2010. (Photo courtesy of Mary Westendorf)

Tables for Thanksgiving

Kids help Furniture Bank build for families in need

By Nicholas Arnold | null null , null

The sounds of hammers pounding and power drills whirring filled the hallways of Saint Brigid of Kildare School in Dublin, Ohio. The smell of sawdust permeated the air as students built dining room tables one recent November morning.

When finished, the tables would be given to families in need as part of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio's "Tables for Thanksgiving" program. Families without much furniture would be able to sit down around a table to share Thanksgiving dinner.

"This is a nice opportunity to help others during the holiday season," said Joe P., a seventh grade student working on the project.

Between October 28 and November 23, volunteers constructed 300 tables for families in need. The 38 groups of volunteers from St. Brigid made 40 tables. St. Brigid volunteers made up the largest group to build tables for the Furniture Bank.

On the day of construction, everyone had a specific job. Someone would hold table legs while someone else worked the hammer and another held the bolts. Those without carpenter duties worked on putting together food baskets that would be given with each table.

Sixth-grade students made videos of the tables being built. The videos will be shown to other schools in the district to persuade them to do similar projects.

One big challenge for the furniture bank is getting the word out about the need for volunteers, said Jim Stein, the organization's president.
"Only one in five people have heard of us," Stein said. Kids can easily get involved with helping the Furniture Bank, he continued.

"Students can help by doing projects like the table building (Saint Brigid of Kildare School) did," Stein said. "They can also volunteer at the warehouse."

Stein became the president of the Furniture Bank in 2004. Before becoming the president, he ran his own company. He found that being in the social service sector was a natural choice. Running the Furniture Bank allows him to use his business skills and pursue his passion for helping others, he said.

Student volunteers learn the same lesson.

"It's important to me because I know I'm helping a family who really needs it," said seventh grader Jacob R.


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