December 13, 2010

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December 13, 2010: Table of Contents

PAGE 2: In the News
Mexico: Cave of Wonders
Sports: Tony Hawk, Inc.
Books: Well Worth the Wait?
Money: Coin Toss?

PAGE 6: Cover story
When Dad’s at War
While their parents are deployed overseas, kids back home in the U.S. find ways to cope.
Plus: America at War

PAGE 9: News Debate
Can Football Be Made Safer?

PAGE 10: JS Spotlight
Canada: Just Like Us?
A look at the border, history, and culture that Canadians share with Americans—and what sets them apart.
Plus: Canada’s government
MapSearch: Canada

PAGE 16: World History Play
Galileo on Trial
In 1633, Italian scientist Galileo Galilei was put on trial for daring to say that Earth revolves around the sun.
Plus: The Father of Modern Science

PAGE 20: Contest
What’s Your News IQ?
How much do you know about the people and events that made news in 2010? Answer our questions correctly, and you could win an iPad.

PAGE 22: GeoSkills
Who Owns the North Pole?
The race is on to claim long-hidden treasures at the top of the world.

PAGE 24: The Back Page
Cartoon Corner/Words to Know

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