December 6, 2010

Science World is now offering comprehensive online resources for subscribers. The digital package for this issue will help you teach the cover story, "Mixed-up Species" on p. 6.

  • Start your lesson by showing this POWERPOINT , which will introduce your students to the concept of hybrid animals.
  • Next, read the article, “Mixed-up Species,” p. 6, that discusses the issues surrounding animals born from two different species. Your entire class can view a DIGITAL VERSION of the article using your SMART Board or whiteboard and computer projector.
  • After reading the story, have students complete the CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING skills sheet as a class or individually to test their reading comprehension.

Teacher's Edition
Download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Answer keys have been removed.)

Online-only Check For Understanding Skills Pages

Bonus Online Reproducible:

Science News

“Mixed-up Species”

“Swallowed by a Sinkhole”

“High-tech Hundred”