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Whiteboard Center

Whiteboard activities like you’ve never seen them!

Welcome to our Whiteboard Center, your one-stop shop for great interactive content that will bring the pages of Scope alive in your classroom. From fully narrated slide shows to gorgeous digital lesson plans, these unique and engaging materials will inspire you to visit this page again and again all year long.

NEW! Digital Lesson Plan:
What Is Resilience?

Students read a Scope story, watch a short video, and listen to the reading of an Emily Dickinson poem; then they connect these sources through the theme of resilience.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Stories of the Holocaust

Using a Scope story as well as a powerful video, photographs, and a poem, students explore the question of how details of everyday life help us comprehend a horrific tragedy.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Crime and Punishment

Using a video clip and an issue of Scope, students explore the exciting theme of crime and punishment.
Digital Lesson Plan: How Do
Writers Portray a Tragic Event?

Using a video, a newspaper article, and a
story, students explore the tragedy of
the earthquake in Haiti across different genres.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Teen Hoboes of the 1930s

With a video clip, a Woody Guthrie song, and a Scope story, students use multiple text types to explore what life was like for young people during the Great Depression. The lesson culminates with writing a reflective essay.
Digital Lesson Plan:
What Is Courage?

Students explore the theme of courage in one issue of Scope. The lesson culminates with writing a reflective essay.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Is There Life in the Universe?

Take your students on an amazing journey through time and space as they explore the question, How does the idea of intelligent life in the universe capture our imaginations?
SLIDE SHOW: How Ironic Is It?
Introduce your students to the tricky topic
of situational irony with our incredible
PowerPoint. You will love it! (And don’t miss
our other slide shows. Click here to check
them out.)
Writing Lab: Hooks
This interactive, full-color activity uses Scope stories as models for a great lesson on writing opening sentences that “hook” the reader.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Cause and Effect Writing Activity

We’ve paired our fabulous video about invasive
species and our nonfiction article about the
Burmese python invasion of the Everglades
to make an excellent group discussion and
writing activity.
Spectacular Slide Shows
Engage your whole class in discussion and critical thinking with our fantastic PowerPoints.
Digital Lesson Plan:
Teaching Theme Across Genres

Build your students’ skills in identifying major themes in literature—using three Scope stories.
Interactive Mini-Unit: Character Traits
Students develop an understanding that characters—like real-life people—think, feel, act, and speak in ways that define who they are. Includes a slide show and handouts.
Digital Lesson Plan: Descriptive Writing
A dramatic video clip of a tornado, a slide show, and a Scope article about the worst tornado in history are the ingredients for this great interactive writing activity.

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