October 18, 2010

Science World is now offering comprehensive online resources for subscribers. The digital package for this issue will help you teach the cover story "Ancient Pets Preserved" on page 8.

  • Start your lesson by showing this narrated POWERPOINT, which will introduce your students to ancient Egypt’s animal mummies.
  • Next, read the article, “Ancient Pets Preserved,” p. 8, that discusses how the animals were mummified and what technology we’re using to study them. Your entire class can view a DIGITAL VERSION of the article using your Whiteboard or computer projector.

  • After reading the story together, display the CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING skills sheet on your whiteboard or projector to test your students’ reading comprehension.
  • Finally, wrap up your lesson with this BONUS ONLINE REPRODUCIBLE that will challenge your students to use their map-reading skills to learn more about where along the Nile River archaeologists have found animal mummies.

Teacher's Edition
Download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Answer keys have been removed.)

Online-only Check For Understanding Skills Pages


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“Ancient Pets Preserved”

“Cemetery Science”

“Deadly Blasts”