September 20, 2010

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You can download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Please note that the answer key has been removed from the Teacher's Edition available online.)

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September 20, 2010: Table of Contents

PAGE 2: In the News
National: A Mosque Near Ground Zero?
Archaeology: Still in Fashion?
International: Home From Iraq
Science: Our Man on "Mars"

PAGE 6: JS Spotlight
Supreme Decisions
The Supreme Court is wrestling with critical issues that affect all of us. Where would you draw the line on free speech and teen justice?

PAGE 9: News Debate
Should Supreme Court Justices Have Life Tenure?

PAGE 10: Cover Story
Africa: 50 Years of Independence
In 1960, 17 African nations won independence from their European colonizers. How is the continent faring 50 years later?
Plus: What Happened to Darfur?
MapSearch: From Colonial Rule to Independence

PAGE 16: World History Play
Cleopatra: Egypt's Last Queen
Could the proud and powerful leader save her once-mighty empire?

PAGE 20: American History
Women Get the Vote
It took 133 years after the signing of the Constitution for American women to win the right to vote.

PAGE 22: GeoSkills
Reasons for the Seasons
MapmanTM explains how and why Earth's tilt causes seasonal changes.

PAGE 24: The Back Page
Cartoon Corner/Words to Know

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