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kid reporter gowtham balaji interviewing margaret peterson haddix Scholastic Kid Reporter Gowtham Balaji interviews Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of The 39 Clues Book 10: Into the Gauntlet, before the start of the live 39 Clues webcast.

The 39 Clues: The Finale

Book 10 debuts with live webcast

By Gowtham Balaji | null null , null

The 10th and final book of The 39 Clues series, Into the Gauntlet, was released with a flourish on Tuesday at Scholastic headquarters in New York City. Fans from all over the world watched a live webcast with all of the 39 Clues authors, including Book 10 author Margaret Peterson Haddix. It was a great start for the final book of an epic series.

"I felt very honored I was asked to get to write the last book, but I also felt a great sense of responsibility," Haddix told the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. The author of the Missing series, Haddix has been a fan of The 39 Clues series since the first book was released in September 2008.    

The 39 Clues is a fast-paced, action-packed, comedy-filled, mystery series with a total of seven authors who wrote 10 books. The plot is about two kids, Amy and Dan Cahill, who experience more excitement in one summer than you can imagine.

At their beloved grandmother's funeral, they are chosen to inherit $1 million OR take the challenge to follow 39 clues around the world in search of a fortune that will make them the most powerful people on Earth. Amy and Dan surprisingly choose the challenge, and finally understand the absolute ruthlessness of their relatives.

"I went to England, which is the location for the first half of [Into the Gauntlet], and visited all the places I knew that Amy and Dan were going to," Haddix said of her preparations for writing book 10. "Fans can expect a lot of secrets being exposed and suspense throughout the book."

All seven authors were together for the first time at the Scholastic webcast. But all the authors weren't at Scholastic in person. While Haddix was in New York, the other writers — Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Linda Sue Park, Patrick Carmen, Peter Lerangis, and Jude Watson — took part via online video chat. Fans asked questions and got some shocking answers. Peter Lerangis revealed that Ian Kabra likes Amy and did some impressive math to back it up. The webcast ended when Jude Watson admitted she was actually a Madrigal. Don't know what any of this means? Read the books! They're terrific!

Another secret revealed at the webcast came from Haddix who said she descended from the Ekaterina branch of Cahills. But the character she was most like is Amy.

"I am most like Amy because I also really love to read and like to go to libraries," Haddix said.

Haddix is also the author of the Missing series. She said her main characters from that series, Katherine and Jonah, are similar to Amy and Dan from The 39 Clues. The third book in the Missing series, Sabotaged, came out in August.

"I have just finished the fourth book and am going to start writing the fifth book," she said.

As for the final chapter of The 39 Clues, this Kid Reporter is deep into reading and will be back soon with a complete review!

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