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Finalists at a hot dog eating contest in Brooklyn, New York. Joey Chestnut (left) defeats Takeru Kobayashi on July 4th at the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan's in Brooklyn, NY. (Craig Ruttle / AP Images)

A Record-Breaking Summer

Check out some of the astonishing records set this summer

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How did you spend your summer vacation? Some people set some extraordinary records over the past few months. Read about some of them below.

68: Hot dogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes by the champion of an annual hot-dog-eating contest in Brooklyn, NY.

11 hours, 5 minutes: Length of the longest tennis match in history, which took place at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships in England.

19.4 million: Americans who tuned in to the U.S./Ghana World Cup soccer game, the most watched soccer game ever in the U.S. That's the same number of people who watched the 2009 World Series.

59.65°F: The worldwide average land surface temperature in July-the warmest on record.

250,000: Kids in Gaza, the largest city in the Palestinian territories, who dribbled basketballs at the same time to break a Guinness World Record.

7,202: Kites flown at the same time by Gaza kids.

$406 million: Amount of money Toy Story 3 made in ticket sales at movie theaters by August 31. That makes it the most popular movie of the summer. It's also now ninth in the Top 10 list of films that have sold the most movie tickets ever.

35,846,094: Minutes that kids said they spent reading this summer, as of July 20. That number officially broke a Scholastic World Record, but the tally's still climbing. Click here to see the current number, and stay tuned for the final count next week!

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