Job Hunt

There’s more to job applications than writing your name and listing your work experience.

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When completing a job application, be prepared to fill out more information than just your address, past work experience, and education background. The application will likely have questions that are specific to the job for which you are applying.

For instance, Choices obtained a job application for a sandwich shop. On the back of the application, applicants have to solve math problems involving addition and subtraction. They also have to solve word problems involving money math. And last, they are asked to answer questions related to customer service.

In another case, Choices obtained a copy of a job application for a movie-theater chain. On the last page of the application, applicants are asked to list the last four movies they saw and give their opinion of them.

These sections are important. Trish Moore is a manager of Landmark Theaters’ Sunshine Cinema. “Sometimes people skip the section of the application that asks about their favorite movie,” Moore says. “Well, of course I’m not going to call you back if you skip that, we’re a theater!”

Based on the information you’ve read, answer these questions:

  1. Why do you think it is important for job applicants to be knowledgeable about the business for which they are applying for work? How would that help a person get hired? How would that help a person do the job better?

  2. If you applied for a job in a restaurant, why would it be important to be able to calculate money math?

  3. For any business, why is it important for job applicants to explain how they would deal with customers?

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