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disney friends for change Disney Channel stars like Demi Lovato, Jason Dolley, Debby Ryan, Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Mitchell Musso, Nick Jonas, Alyson Stoner, and Kevin Jonas took part in Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green. (Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel)

Friends for Change

Disney channel friends join together to bring change

By Miranda Rector | May 13 , 2010

Everything turned shades of green on the set of Disney Channel's Friends for Change television spot — even the food. Disney Channel stars joined together to film a television spot promoting the program, which helps teach kids to preserve the environment. The television spot airs later this month and will run throughout the year on the Disney channel.

Disney's Friends for Change is an online program that encourages kids to make a change in the environment. Online, kids can vote on which causes Disney should donate money to. The entertainment company has agreed to give a total of $1 million. Kids can also learn ways to help the environment and pledge to take action.

On the set, everything used for the television spot shoot was made entirely of recycled materials. The colors were in earth tones. The soundstage was dark except for the set, where bright lights shone on the stars being filmed. They all lowered their voices when the director called "QUIET" and the camera started filming.

For the Disney celebs on the set, it was like a family or "high school" reunion to help a good cause. Reporters conducted interviews in a press holding room while the stars came back and forth from filming. Between being on camera and talking to reporters, the young celebs got to hang out with each other and play ping-pong and miniature basketball in the game room. Everyone was treated to a healthy and environmentally-sound lunch.

This reporter wanted to know what the Disney stars did to celebrate Earth Day.

Stars of the show Sonny With a Chance said they did their part by doing things like drinking from reusable water bottles.

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato of Camp Rock and Sonny With a Chance celebrated Earth Day while filming a new music video, Make a Wave, by picking up trash along the beach.

Debby Ryan, knowing she would be busy on Earth Day, celebrated a week early by helping out around the house. Ryan plays Bailey Pickett on Suite Life on Deck.

"My mom was so proud of me," Ryan says.

Friends for Change teaches there are many different ways to help the environment, such as taking shorter showers, unplugging chargers not in use, and picking up litter.

Helping the environment can also help you and your family save money. Cutting down on energy use lowers your electric and gas bills. You save the cost of water bottles by using reusable bottles.

"I want my kid to enjoy the same Earth that we have," said Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers.

Check out the Disney Friends for Change website and tune in later this month to see the television spot.


Celebrate 40 years of Earth Day and the fight to keep our planet clean on April 22. Scholastic Kid Reporters explore ways to make every day Earth Day in the Earth Day @ 40 Special Report.


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