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still from the movie oceans A cameraman shoots footage of underwater creatures in their natural habitat for the movie Oceans. (Photo: 2009 - Galatee Films - Pathe Production - Notro Films - France 2 Cinema - France 3 Cinema - JMH/TSR. All Rights Reserved)

Oceans Experts Tout Kid Power

Kids can save the world, say movie’s makers

By Mariam El Hasan | April 20 , 2010

When a Kid Reporter attends a press event surrounded by adult reporters it sometimes feels like being a small fish swimming with the big fish. It's like being a guppy swimming with the sharks. It was easy to be reminded of this last Saturday at the premiere of Disneynature's new movie Oceans.

Even the red carpet was blue for the big event at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. The movie, which is being released on Earth Day, April 22, explores the magnificent underwater world of the Earth's oceans.

The blue carpet premiere featured many of the experts who helped make the film.

"In this film I see things that I've never seen even though I've been diving in oceans all over the world," said Dr. Sylvia Earle, who is a famous American oceanographer for National Geographic and a consultant on the film.

Earle has spent thousands of hours underwater, and lived in tiny submarines.

"This film provides insight that is really special," she said. "Hundreds of scientists and others have cooperated to bring something to the world that will really open people's eyes to the importance of the blue."

Kids should realize they can have a huge role in saving the oceans, she told this reporter. Kids have power and choices, she said, calling young people, "the most important citizens on the planet."

She suggested that kids with a specific interest should join others with similar interests to work together and be heard.  

"The voices of youngsters coming along have tremendous influence on people such as I," she said. "Imagine what the world will be like in 25 years unless kids rise up today and make their desires known: That you want to have a planet that works and you can do something about it."
Another oceanographer on the blue carpet was Fabien Cousteau who is an aquatic filmmaker. He is also the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, who was famous around the world for his TV series The Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau. Fabien Cousteau has written articles for Scholastic magazines. He also has faith in the ability of young people to save the planet.

"I think everyone, all kids and even adults, can do a lot to help save the oceans," he said. "[They can do] easy stuff from cleaning the beaches to starting up all sorts of organizations in your own school, or seeing movies like this, because this tells you a lot about the oceans."  

As for that feeling of being a guppy in a sea of bigger, hungrier fish? These experts helped that go right away.

Oceans opens in theaters on Earth Day, April 22.

Check out Kid Reporter Mariam El Hasan's review of the movie Oceans. And get some tips from celebrities for how to save the planet at the Oceans premiere in Mariam's blog post on the Scholastic Kids Press Corps Blog!


Celebrate 40 years of Earth Day and the fight to keep our planet clean on April 22. Scholastic Kid Reporters explore ways to make every day Earth Day in the Earth Day @ 40 Special Report.


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About the Author

Mariam El Hasan is a member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps.

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