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Nature Discovery Center in Texas

Hands-on activities and live animals help teach about Earth

By Erin Sheena | April 9 , 2010
Kid Reporter Erin Sheena at the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire, Texas, with Eric Duran, the center’s Staff Naturalist. (Photo courtesy Erin Sheena)
Kid Reporter Erin Sheena at the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire, Texas, with Eric Duran, the center’s Staff Naturalist. (Photo courtesy Erin Sheena)

Spring Fling is celebrated every Earth Day at the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire, Texas. The Nature Discovery Center educates kids and adults about nature, science, and environmental issues in a fun way with hikes, sneak-a-peek classes, lectures, and camps.
This year, a free celebration highlights the importance of Earth Day during celebrations on April 17. Earth Day is officially April 22.
"Earth Day is a celebration, a day for people to be aware of the environmental problems that plague the Earth," said Eric Duran, Staff Naturalist of the Nature Discovery Center.
Each year for Earth Day, a variety of organizations contribute to the celebration. They set up booths, provide music and food, and help educate people about how to help the Earth. Solutions to pollution include using solar energy instead of coal or oil and recycling trash. You can also find out about how to volunteer to save the world’s rain forests.
"We all live together on this planet," said Duran. "If you are going to be healthy, we need clean air, clean water, healthy plants, and a healthy food supply. There are so many sides to the environmental problems that we face."
Education is done in a fun way with plant sales, kid-friendly games, and even live animals so you can learn about the environment in a natural setting. The Nature Center is a Texas Birding stop where you can see a wide variety of wildlife.
What can kids do if they don't have an Earth Day festival in their community?
Duran offered many solutions.
1. Volunteer.
2. Clean up trash in a park.
3. Remove plants that grow in areas that they should not grow.
4. Plant trees. 
5. Attend an Earth Day Fair in another city.
6. Start an Earth Day Fair at your park or school.
7. Educate people about the problems that we face.
As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. Every person counts. So get involved and get active.
For more information about all of the programs at the Nature Discovery Center visit their website.


Celebrate 40 years of Earth Day and the fight to keep our planet clean on April 22. Scholastic Kid Reporters explore ways to make every day Earth Day in the Earth Day @ 40 Special Report.


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