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The Scholastic Kids Press Corps talks to (top from left) NBA referee Violet Palmer, news anchor Katie Couric, astronaut Ellen Ochoa,former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O??Connor, and Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, among others.

Voices of Women's History Month

Wisdom learned from our women leaders

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I think a woman should be able to do any job that she qualifies for. If she can go out and be the best at it like any man, why shouldn't she have the opportunity to do whatever sport or career [she wants]?
First female referee for a major men's sport (NBA) Violet Palmer to Kid Reporter Maya Williams, March 2010

Women's History Month is exciting. Every door is open to women now. Young women have the opportunity to do whatever is exciting to them.
Nashville TV anchor Anne Holt, a major journalist and anchor in the Nashville market for more than 30 year,s to Kid Reporter Emma Hall, February 2010

I'd like to get to a point where we could just look at all of the great contributions of women each and every day when kids learn history and not have just one month. Every month could be Women's History Month.
Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to Kid Reporter Maddie Horner, February 2010

I came out of this experience not a bitter person, but a better person. The award is to stand tall, and refuse to tire until we reach the finish line. Then we pass the baton to the next generation.
Women of Courage awardee Jestina Mukoko of Zimbabwe to Kid Reporter Alexandra Zhang, March 2010
(Women) have really broken the marble ceiling here (Congress). And I think it says to young people and to women: the sky's the limit—you can do anything you want because if you can prevail in this environment, which is historically very male-oriented, then I think women can succeed anyplace.
First female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Kid Reporter Chelsea Lollar, March 2007

This is a historical moment and I think that things are changing. And, ultimately, I think we will get to a point where the general American success story will not be eclipsed by the shadow of gender.
First female network news anchor Katie Couric to Kid Reporter Jacob Wieseneck, March 2007

I don't think of myself as just opening the door for girls and women. I opened doors for everyone. I think of myself as expanding the idea of how wrong gender stereotypes are for boys and girls.
First female member of the New York City Fire Department Brenda Berkman to Kid Reporter Maggie Lautenslager, March 2007

People kept asking us [female medical school students], 'Don't you realize that you are taking the place of some well-deserving young man? What are you doing here?' I didn't mind very much because I knew that I was doing the right thing."
Tenley Albright, the first American woman to win the Olympic gold medal in figure skating and one of the very few women of her generation to become a surgeon, to Kid Reporter Maya Finkelstein, March 2007

I was born to play football. I used to sleep with my football when I was a little girl. My dream was always to play in the NFL.
Sharks wide receiver in the female football league Jennifer Blum to Kid Reporter Hayley Livingston, March 2007

To have a good government and maintain a good government, every generation has to learn about the Constitution and the laws. That way, every generation can provide good citizens who will understand our form of government and participate by voting and other ways. It's critically important that we learn about it, and you don't inherit that knowledge, you have to learn it.
First female U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on democracy and equal rights to Kid Reporter Danny Murphy, September 2008

I look at the struggles and adversity as things that make me stronger. I don't play at making excuses or playing what they call the race card or the gender card. My parents always taught me to be the best person that I can be and you can't really do much if other people make comments about you race or gender, but I don't let that be something that I spend time on.
—Good Morning America anchor, former basketball player and sports reporter Robin Roberts to Kid Reporter Kajal Jani, February 2007


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