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screenshots from new nintendo ds pokemon and diy games Screenshots of WarioWare DIY (left) and the latest Pokemon game, as well as characters from both games. (Photos courtesy Nintendo)

New Nintendo DS Games

A first look at DIY and latest Pokemon adventures

By Joseph O'Connor | null null , null
Kid Reporter Joseph O’Connor gets a sneak preview of Nintendo’s new games to be released in March. (Photo courtesy Joseph O’Connor)
Kid Reporter Joseph O’Connor gets a sneak preview of Nintendo’s new games to be released in March. (Photo courtesy Joseph O’Connor)

Nintendo has several new games coming out soon and this Kid Reporter got a special preview!

The gaming company introduced the new Pokemon HeartGold Version and Pokemon SoulSilver Version games at an event in New York City recently. The Pokemon games will be released to the public on March 14 and are for the DS (dual screen hand-held game systems).
Pokemon, which has been around since the mid-1990s, started in Japan. The name Pokemon means “pocket monster.“ Pokemon World Championships are held in San Diego each year, while the Pokemon game is currently played in nearly every country in the world.   

I watched a demonstration of the newest games and spoke with J.C. Rodrigo, a senior marketing support specialist for Nintendo. According to Rodrigo, the best thing about the new Pokemon is the Pokewalker, an accessory that allows you to check your Pokemon status wherever you go.  

Rodrigo explained that Nintendo tests its products with kids before ever releasing them to the public. And don‘t worry about getting bored, “there are 493 Pokemon to collect, and 100 levels,” Rodrigo said. “You can even customize your Pokemon.”

Players get six Pokemon each and can fight pair battles. The very unique thing about this is that each Pokemon has its own special ability. Both the SoulSilver Version and the HeartGold Version of Pokemon also have improved graphics and touch-screen features.  

“It’s like rock, paper, scissors,“ Rodrigo said. “Because every Pokemon has different abilities, and as you battle, they get stronger and you learn more moves.“

According to Rodrigo, these new games “incorporate all the core elements of all the previous Pokemon games, so it’s the penultimate Pokemon game.”  So, if you’re a Pokemon fan, this is definitely the game you want.


I also saw a really cool demonstration of WarioWare: DIY game. DIY stands for Do It Yourself. The game allows players to create their own handheld video games. It is set for release on March 28.

Players design the graphics, animation, music, and rules. Nate Williams, a game specialist with Nintendo, showed me how it works.  

“A good analogy is like the theatre,” Williams said. “You have the stage, which is the background; the actors, which are the objects; and the script, which is the story.”  

WarioWare: DIY comes with 90 pre-made games to play. You can also download user-generated games from the Internet or upload the games you create yourself.  

Williams said that Nintendo will make new micro-games available for download to players who have Internet access. The company also has plans to ask players to create games based on a specific theme. Nintendo will pick the best ones and make them available to gamers online. If you have a Wii, you will be able to play the game you created for your DS on your TV.

Even though I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, I really enjoyed watching Rodrigo demonstrate the game and have the two Pokemon battle each other. And as for WarioWare: D.I.Y., I thought it was a fun game because you're able to create your own video games. 


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