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Sort It Out

Well-ordered kitchen cabinets can speed up and simplify meal prep. Follow these five steps.

By Molly Gold | null , null

1. Block out time for tidying your cabinets. Break it into chunks: Assess the situation; buy necessary materials; tackle the job.

2. Take inventory of what each cabinet holds and get rid of any unused items. Approach the kitchen like you would your closet — if you haven’t used your bread maker in a year, donate or sell it.

3. Make a map of your kitchen appliances and list what items would be most useful near each. For example, the coffee filters should go above the coffee machine, not in a drawer across the room. Relocate appliances and items as necessary.

4. Label your cabinets and shelves. One for plates and bowls, another for condiments, etc. Use pictures as well as words to help little ones understand and get used to the system.

5. Give your child a cabinet so he’ll leave yours in order. For toddlers, fill it with pots, pans, etc. to play with while you cook. For older kids, make it a place to store their own cups and plates.



Molly's 5 favorite eco-friendly kitchen organizers:

The Container Store

Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Tray

Using a drawer organizer that covers the entire width of the drawer makes sure your kids will put things in their place when it's their turn to help out.

Bamboo Three-Tier Expanding Shelf

The tiered design makes it possible for kids to read labels and find items without dismantling the shelf.

Bamboo Double Turntable

Turntables are the perfect solution for utilizing corner space in L-shaped spaces.

Deluxe Chrome Three-Tier Corner Plate Rack

A simple, sturdy design makes plates and bowls easy to sort while tripling your storage space.

Deluxe Chrome Canned Food Storage Rack

Organize cans of any category with this space-saving storage rack that keeps labels in plain sight!



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