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new orleans saits quarterback drew brees with vince lombardi trophy New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the Saints' 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010. (Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP Images)

Super Win for Saints

New Orleans to celebrate with parade on Tuesday

By Kiera Fobb | February 8 , 2010

When Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Jim Caldwell predicted on Media Day that this Sunday’s Super Bowl was going to be a tough game, he was sure right.

The Colts lost a hard-fought game to the New Orleans Saints, which claimed its first
Super Bowl victory ever with a score of 31 to 17. The 44th Super Bowl was played in Miami at Sun Life Field.

Whether Media Day hype earlier in the week attributed to the size of the TV audience or not, this Sunday’s game drew the largest number of viewers in 23 years.

My family was part of the 68 per cent of Americans tuned to the championship game on Sunday night. That translates to 106.5 million people watching the game—setting a new record for most-watched TV broadcast ever!

When I sat down to watch the game, the players seemed like real people to me. I met many of them face to face just a few days earlier at the Media Day event in Sun Field. It helped make this Super Bowl one of the most exciting I have ever seen. The players took care of the rest.

When the Colts scored first, I thought it might be all over. No one in my family expected the underdog Saints to catch up. In the second half of the game, however, they came back like a rocket and were up, up, and away!

The Colts had the advantage in the first half with a score of 10-3. That did not stop the Saints, who took the field after a rockin’ performance by The Who to take a winning stand.

Saints running back Pierre Thomas scored the team’s first touchdown of the game. The Saints defense then deflated any hope by the Colts for a higher scoring game.

In the end, Saints quarterback Drew Brees celebrated the big win with his family and team on a field filled with cameras and confetti. Brees passed the record of pass completions in the Super Bowl, making him the games’ Most Valuable Player.

The French Quarter in New Orleans will host a Super Bowl celebration parade on Tuesday. The parade kicks off from the Superdome at 5 p.m., winding through the historic Quarter before ending at Mardi Gras World four miles later.

The parade is expected to rival any Mardi Gras parade ever held in the city, which is still struggling to overcome damage done by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As Brees said when talking to reporters on Media Day: "It's a Super Bowl for our city, and our fans and for everything that they've been through over the past few years. There's no city that deserves a championship more than New Orleans."

Be sure to check out Kiera Fobb's report from Super Bowl XLIV media day in Miami!


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