Lesson Plan: Earthquake in Haiti

Download and print the article "Earthquake in Haiti"
for use with the lesson plan below.

Before Reading:
Find out whether any children in your class have been affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Do any of your students have family or friends in Haiti who may have been harmed? Do any of your students have family roots in Haiti? You can send home a note to ask parents this information. You can then let parents know how this topic will be addressed in school.

After Reading:
If it seems that any children are nervous or frightened-perhaps they have already seen footage on TV of the damage caused by the earthquake-reassure them that this type of event happens very rarely. Also reassure them that people are helping out right now. In fact, kids can help too.

Here are some tips from Oxfam on ways kids can raise money to help the people in Haiti:
  • Organize a benefit event. Collaborate with a school athletic team to designate one game as a benefit for Oxfam America. Or sell student artwork at a benefit auction.
  • Hold a "Special Dress Day." To raise money for Oxfam, have students pay to dress differently from your school's dress code.
  • Create a penny map. Outline a map of the world on your gymnasium floor, athletic field, or school grounds. Collect enough pennies to fill in the countries, and donate the money to Oxfam.
  • Collect dues from your library. Ask your library to donate the fines it collects on the day or week of your event to Oxfam.

To donate directly to OXFAM, click here:

UNICEF's Web site allows schools to create their own fundraising pages online to help the people in Haiti. Here is the link:

Resource: "Talking With Children About Natural Disasters," Adele M. Brodkin, Early Childhood Today, Nov/Dec 2005, page 11.

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