January 18, 2010

JS Interviews

Print and share these interviews with author Anthony Horowitz and Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, both profiled in this issue.

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Teacher's Edition

You can download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Please note that the answer key has been removed from the Teacher's Edition available online.)

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January 18, 2010: Table of Contents

PAGE 3: News
Entertainment: Mickey Goes to China
Marine Biology: Birth of an Ocean?
National: A Day of Service
Numbers in the News
Debate: Should Soda Be Taxed?
Books: Spy Stories

Page 6: Sports
Going for Gold
With the 2010 Winter Olympics approaching, JS introduces you to three young hopefuls on the U.S. team.

Page 8: American History Play
The Runaway Scrape
Before joining the U.S., Texas fought a revolution for independence-from Mexico. That clash sparked civilian fears and set off one of the most desperate mass flights in U.S. history.
Plus: Fast-forward: Border Wars

Page 14: Teen Scene
2010 JS Student Advisory Board

Page 15: GeoSkills
Reading a Weather Map
Have you seen those colorful maps behind weather forecasters? You'll actually be able to read them after you check out our guide to what all those colors, numbers, and symbols have to say.

Page 24: What Do You Know?
Word Wise; Cartoon; Eyewitness

Special Supplement
Heads-Up: Real News About Drugs and Your Body
Read about teen science investigators on the trail of questions about drugs and addiction.


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