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reynoldsburg helping hands building Reynoldsburg Helping Hands is a small food pantry on the outskirts of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Most of its donations of food and money come from the kids at the Reynoldsburg school district. (Photo by Christian Snyder)

Helping Hands Need Help

Toys are out and more food is needed at Ohio food bank

By Christian Snyder | December 11 , 2009

This season's economic woes have taken Reynoldsburg Helping Hands out of the Santa business. The Reynoldsburg, Ohio, food bank now concentrates all its time and resources on providing food to needy families in the region.

"We're using all of our money as best we can to buy food when we need it rather than concentrate on toys," said Janet Munjas, a volunteer at Helping Hands.
Reynoldsburg Helping Hands (RHH) is a non-profit food pantry serving families in need within the Reynoldsburg City School district. On average, RHH provides food for 60 to 70 families a month.

Individuals can donate non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, and/or money. RHH uses the money to buy perishable items, like meat and dairy products.

"Donations and volunteers literally run the pantry," Munjas said.

No one is paid for working there. Churches and businesses are the main source of donations, along with the Reynoldsburg City Schools.

Although the age minimum to volunteer at Helping Hands is 21, kids can still help make a difference.

"Have food drives!" Munjas said. She encouraged kids to collect canned goods at their schools, or to hold a fundraiser.

During the winter months, all schools in the district collect money and non-perishable food items for the food bank. The local post office holds a huge food drive in May that provides food and money for the summer months.

"Our new families in Reynoldsburg have increased," Munjas said. "We try to step up to the plate and meet that need by providing food for those who are deeply in need and that's basically what we've done."  

For more about the Reynoldsburg school districts drive to collect food and money for the holidays, check out the district website.

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Kid Reporters take a look at the economy and how it is affecting kids and their communities during this holiday season in the Kids and the Economy Special Report.


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