December 7, 2009

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December 7, 2009: Table of Contents

PAGE 3: News
Health: Sushi in School?
Did You Know? Remembering Pearl Harbor
Space: Out of This World
Numbers in the News
Debate: Year-Round School?
Environment: Meltdown!

PAGE 6: National
Census 2010: Why You Count
Every 10 years, the U.S. government attempts to count everyone living in the country. Why should it matter to you that it gets an accurate count?
GRAPH: The U.S. Population, 1790-2007

PAGE 8: Sports
Are Football Players on a Crash Course?
Blinding headaches, slurred speech, depression, even dementia-these are among the symptoms that many ex-NFL players experience. Is the game too violent?
PLUS: Sports Smarts
How you can protect yourself from serious brain injury

PAGE 10: World History Play
The Christmas Truce
During World War I, opposing troops in the muddy trenches of Europe did the unthinkable. They stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas-together.
PLUS: "A Deeper Appreciation"
A Q&A with historian Jim Murphy, author of Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting

PAGE 14: GeoSkills
Olympic Fever!
What time should fans around the world tune in to watch their favorite athletes in the 2010 Winter Olympics? You can find out if you understand time zones.

PAGE 16: What Do You Know?
Word Wise; Cartoon; Eyewitness

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