Hematology Printables

Use these printables to support teaching Explore the Mystery of Blood. Click the links to the right of the worksheet titles to download and print out the PDFs.

All Lessons (PDF)
Click here to download all of the lessons created for the About Blood program in one single PDF.

What Runs Through My Veins (PDF)
This printable will encourage your students to think about the components of blood. Use with Lesson 1: What Runs Through My Veins.

Common Blood Disorders (PDF)
This printable will help your students become familiar with common blood disorders and learn more about the pathology and symptoms of these disorders. Use with Lesson 2: Common Blood Disorders.

Analyze a Case Study (PDF)
This printable will help your students analyze a case study and understand the significance of the scientific data in the report. Use with Lesson 3: Analyze a Case Study.

Blood Detectives (PDF A & PDF B)
These printables wll help your students diagnose blood disorders by observing blood smears with a compound light microscope. Use with Lesson 4: Blood Detectives.

Advances in Hematology (PDF)
This printable will work as a comprehension exercise for your students to better understand the use of model organisms in biology research. Use with Lesson 5: Advances in Hematology.

Do I Have What It Takes to Be a Hematologist? (PDF)
This printable highlights an interview with a hematologist and asks students to take a closer look at the requirements needed for entering this field. Use with Lesson 6: Do I Have What it Takes to Be a Hematologist?

Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation (PDF)
This printable will help your students become more familiar with the importance of stem cells, the different types of stem cells, and the lineages of stem cells. Use with Lesson 7: Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation.


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