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Kitchen Table Reviews: Welcome Fall

This cute and durable board book is full of different textures that will keep little hands interested.

By Mir Kamin | null null , null
<i>Welcome Fall</i> by Little Scholastic
Welcome Fall by Little Scholastic

I love to give books as baby gifts. Often we go ahead and pick a favorite story that we know full well won’t be enjoyed until the recipient is much older, but sometimes I just want to get something that a baby can chew on without the parents freaking out. And who better to help me test my selections than the greatest kid reviewers I know?

Son: Um, you do know this is a baby book, right?

Me: Thanks, yes, I’d noticed. I was still curious to see what you thought of it, though.

Daughter: Well, it’s cute and all. It’s a board book for babies and has lots of bright colors. That’s good, I guess.

Me: What else does it have?

Son: It has different things to feel. Like there’s a little piece of crinkly stuff on the page that talks about leaves being crunchy. That’s fun to run your finger over; it feels funny and makes noise.

Me: You always loved that sort of stuff when you were little. What about you? What did you like?

Daughter: I liked the fuzzy scarf. It’s soft!

Me: Yup, you always liked the soft things.

Daughter: But I have a problem with this book.

Me: Really? What’s that?

Daughter: Well, there’s a page where it tells you to taste the apple. Don’t you think little babies or toddlers are going to lick the picture? And get the book all slobbery??

Me: Ooookay…. Maybe. But remember, it’s a board book, so you can always just wipe it off if that happens.

Son: I noticed a couple of other problems.

Me: Really? Do tell.

Son: Well, first of all, there are flaps you lift. And I know that babies like that sort of thing, but I think it would be really easy to rip them off.

Me: Good point. It wouldn’t affect the story, but you’re right.

Son: And second, at the end it says “And you’re safe and snug in Daddy’s arms!” What if the kid who’s reading this doesn’t have a dad?

Me: Oh. Yes, I think that’s a good point, because it doesn’t say “Joe is snug in Daddy’s arms,” it says you are. Okay.

Daughter: And that’s besides all the slobber that’s going to be on the apple page.

Me: Okay, here’s what I thought: I like the different textures, and I think it’s exactly the right length for a baby—not too many pages, and not just a couple of pages. Plus, the little boy in the book has brown skin and curly hair, when most picture books have little blondes.

Son: That’s nice. Do we have any apples?

In conclusion, this book is very cute, but may induce fruit cravings.

Pros: Board book construction is durable enough for even slobbery babies. Different textures are interesting for little hands. The child in the book isn’t the typical blonde with blue eyes.

Cons: There are flaps in two places that could be torn off by exuberant little ones. Licking the page because the book told you to taste the apple. Some kids don’t have dads.

Welcome Fall gets three tactilely-stimulated thumbs up from our kitchen table.


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