October 26, 2009

BONUS! This Issue's Printable Activites:

  • Bat Ears
    SKILL: Chart-Reading Skills
    BASED ON: "Real-Life Bloodsuckers," p. 8
  • Hands-On Science
    BASED ON: "Smashing Pumpkins," p. 18
    Try this activity to learn how the correct angle helps a catapult hurl pumpkins farther.

Science World PowerPoints

This year, Science World is introducing PowerPoint presentations to go along with select feature articles. They are perfect for use on SMART Boards, as well as on your school computer, or as handouts. Click here to download FOSSILS, this year's first PowerPoint presentation, or click here for more information.

Teacher's Edition

Download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. Please note that the answer key has been removed.

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