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Autumn Flair

Spice things up with these crafty fall decoratives.

By Gina Provenzano | null , null

Picture Pillow



heavyweight muslin
small elastic hair bands
buttons or mini pinecones
iron-on photo transfer paper (at office supply stores)
needle, thread, and fabric glue
decorative pillow with colorful pillow case

Cut a muslin square about 3 inches smaller on all sides than the size of the pillow. Hem edges by sewing or with fabric glue.
Print a photo from the computer onto transfer paper, following the printing instructions, then iron it onto the muslin square.
Center the muslin square on the front of the pillow and mark the corners with a pencil. Sew a hair band into each pencil mark.
Sew or glue buttons or pinecones to corners of muslin square.
Attach muslin square to pillow with buttons or pinecones and hair band loops. Make a different image square for each season.

Papier Mache Pumpkin Pots



newspaper strips
white glue and water
orange and black paint
green pipe cleaners and craft foam
hole punch

Make a paste by mixing three parts glue with one part water.
Blow up a balloon to about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
Dip the paper strips in paste and apply to the balloon, leaving the knot end (what will be the top) uncovered. Cover the balloon in 4 to 5 layers of paper. Allow to dry thoroughly, at least 24 hours.
Paint paper orange and allow to dry. Pop the balloon and remove.
Punch holes along the rim of the pumpkin and secure a pipe cleaner through two holes as the handle.
Cut a leaf out of craft foam, punch a hole in one side, and attach to pumpkin with pipe cleaner.
Repeat with other balloons.

Pretty Pinecone Box



cardboard square
tacky glue
air dry clay
brown paint

Form four log shapes out of clay, each the length of a side of the cardboard square. Brush clay logs with glue and secure around the perimeter.
Dab glue onto the end of each pinecone and press into the clay to form "walls."
Allow the clay and glue to dry thoroughly.
Paint the clay brown and decorate as desired (we filled the inside with dried moss from the craft store).

Leaf Print Satchel



1 rectangle of fabric, 14" x 36"
yarn and big-eye needle
grommets and grommet setter (optional)
ribbon or decorative roping
buttons, fabric glue and paint, leaves, and ribbons for decoration

Fold the fabric rectangle in half the long way and stitch up the two opposing sides with the needle and yarn.
Cut four holes in the rim of the bag, two on each side so they match up, about an inch below the edge. (If you like, you can use grommets and a grommet setter-shown here-to fortify the holes.) Cut two lengths of ribbon or decorative roping and tie one through each set of holes as the handles.
Decorate by sewing or gluing on buttons or ribbon and coating leaves in paint and then pressing them into the bags in designs of your choice. Allow to dry.


Twig Wreath



thin twigs, 8" to 10" long
thick cardboard
small pinecones and fake berries
tacky glue

Cut a wreath shape out of the cardboard using a pen knife or pair of scissors.
Tie a length of ribbon in a loop at the top of the cardboard hoop for hanging.
Apply a generous amount of glue to a 2" wide section of the cardboard wreath and affix the twigs, one at a time, in a radiating pattern. Continue until the cardboard hoop is completely covered.
Apply glue to the pinecones and bunches of berries and affix to the wreath in a pattern of your choice.
Allow to dry thoroughly.

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Gina Provenzano contributes to Parent & Child's activities section.

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