Before You Submit: An Action Plan PPT Checklist

Here is something you should consider before you submit your students' Lexus Eco Challenge Action Plan PowerPoint. Is my PPT too big?

Check the size of your Action Plan PowerPoint!

Before you submit your students' entry, check to make sure that your Plan’s PPT is no bigger than 15 slides and that it is no larger than 10 MB. Checking the size of your PPT is easy:
Find your PPT’s icon/alias on your desktop, or wherever you’ve saved it.

  • MAC Users: Highlight your PPT’s alias with your mouse. Hold down the Apple key and hit the “I” key. The file size is under the “General” tab on the small gray menu.
  • PC Users: Right-click on your PPT’s icon and grab “Properties” from the small gray drop-down menu. The size of your file is listed there.


My PowerPoint file is too big—HELP!

If your file’s size exceeds 10 MB or 15 slides, it’s too big. Don’t worry, though—cutting it down is easy. Open up your file and let’s have a look.

  • Did you include any YouTube or Vimeo videos in your PPT? Well, don’t! They take up a lot of space, so only provide the Web links, not the actual video.
  • Are there any unnecessary graphics or photos in your file? Cut them out of your slides if they’re not critically important to your Action Plan!
  • Maybe you need to crop or compress the images in your file. Click here for help

Once you’ve edited your file down, make sure that it fits the size requirements. If it does, you're ready to email your Team's Action Plan PowerPoint to!

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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