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Kitchen Table Reviews: Hello, Dinosaurs!

Colorful dinosaurs and fun finger puppets are the perfect way to introduce babies to reading.

By Mir Kamin | null null , null
<i>Hello, Dinosaurs!</i>
Hello, Dinosaurs!

We have a lot of friends who are having babies, recently, and of course one of my favorite gifts to give a brand new human is a great book or two. My son recently pointed out, though, that it’s not as though a baby can really enjoy a book. This led to either a fascinating discussion about fostering literacy or me droning on and on while he rolled his eyes, depending on whose version of the story you believe.  Ahem.

Regardless, when I saw this adorable little hand puppet and book, I thought I’d found the baby gift we could all agree upon.

Me: So do you think this is a good baby gift?

Son: Definitely! Everyone likes dinosaurs, especially little kids.

Daughter: It’s really colorful and cute, and babies like that. It says it’s for ages 0-2, so I guess the adult could do the hand puppet for a little baby, and then as the kid gets older, like when he’s a toddler, he can try to do it himself.

Me: Or she.

Daughter: Well, mostly boys like dinosaurs.

Son: No, everyone likes dinosaurs!

Me: Yeah, everyone likes dinosaurs! You like dinosaurs!

Daughter: I do?

Me: Yes! Hello? The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins?

Daughter: Whatever. That was different. I just mean that with little kids, boys usually like dinosaurs more than girls.

This led to either a fascinating discussion about rejection of societal gender norms or me droning on and on while she rolled her eyes, depending on whose version of the story you believe. Ahem.

[I am kind of on a roll with the lecturing this week. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing.]

Son: Well, anyway, I think it’s good because it’s both a little book and a set of five finger puppets that are way fun.

Me: I like that the hand puppet is big enough for a grown-up. Sometimes these things are too small for bigger hands.

Daughter: Once a kid is a little older he’ll want to wear it himself, though, and I wonder if it’d be too big for a little kid…?

Me: It might be hard for a toddler to control all five dinosaurs, but they probably wouldn’t care.

Son: Probably a toddler would just want to chew on them.

Me: Mmmm, yummy dinosaurs. Hey, what about the actual book?

Son: It was good. Short and colorful.

Daughter: A good way to get babies interested in reading. And in eating dinosaurs.

Me: Um, okay.

In the end, we deemed it a pretty awesome baby/toddler gift, combining a toy and a book to make both even better.

Pros: Soft and colorful—perfect for babies. Everyone loves dinosaurs (and puppets). Puppet glove is large enough to accommodate adults.

Cons: Puppet glove is probably too large for a small child to adequately manipulate the puppets. My frequent lectures. I seriously doubt that real dinosaurs were ever this cute.

Hello, Dinosaurs! gets three thumbs and five silly finger-puppet dinosaurs up from our kitchen table.

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