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Meet Winter the Dolphin

Meet Winter the Dolphin Contest

Tell Us About Your Favorite Animal Hero!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Meet Winter the Dolphin contest.  Congratulations to:
Jessica Rendleman, Age 9
Greensboro, NC
Brooks Global Studies Magnet School
Teacher: Ms. Goodman, Grade 3

Jessica's winning essay:
The dolphins at the Baltimore aquarium inspire me because when I was a baby I had to have one kidney removed and then they told my parents I had cancer in my other kidney. When I was almost two they sent me to John Hopkins for two more surgeries. I live in N.C. so that was a really long ride for me. My parents wanted me to have something fun to do instead of just being scared of the bad things. They took me to the Baltimore aquarium to see the fish for the first time. I went to the dolphin show and from the first time I saw them I loved them. For a few years I had to go back for checkups and tests and I would also go see the dolphins. They made me smile when I had lots of bad tests and surgeries to go through and since then I have read every book I can about dolphins. I am 9 and healthy now but I remember the dolphins that got me through the scary times in the hospital. I want to be a marine mammal veterinarian thanks to my dolphin heroes!


Winter the Dolphin has been an inspiration and hero for children and adults alike.  When Winter was just three months old, she was rescued from a crab trap which had seriously damaged her tail.  It wasn't clear that she would survive but she did.  However, the damage to Winter's tail was so extensive that it fell off.  To everyone's amazement, a prosthetic company stepped in an fitted Winter with a prosthetic tail.  Now Winter is using her new tail and thriving.

We want to hear about an animal that has most inspired your students by having them tell us about their favorite animal hero in 200 words or less. 

One grand prize winner and his/her guardian will receive a trip to visit Winter at her home in Clearwater, Florida, one night's stay at a hotel, $500 travel voucher, a Winter prize pack and a Nintendo DS Game system.  10 runners up with receive a copy of Winter's Tail, a Winter's Tail Nintendo DS game and a Winter plush doll!




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