Meet Winter the Dolphin - Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida
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Meet Winter the Dolphin

Winter's Tail: Virtual Field Trip Teaching Guide

Get ready to take your students on an exciting trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, located off the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater, Florida. Below are all the resources you need to prepare your students for this learning adventure.

This live classroom event will introduce students to a courageous dolphin named Winter, star of the children's book Winter's Tail, who was just three months old when she became caught in a crab trap, resulting in the loss of her tail.

Your class will visit Winter in her home, watch how she uses her prosthetic tail, learn from her trainers, interact with authors of the book, and learn about dolphins and marine life. Click here for a field trip agenda!

Before you begin, check out these quick virtual field trip guidelines and tools:

Before the Event

Introduce Students to the Book
Give students a sneak peek of the book that inspired this special event. Read an excerpt from Winter's Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again.

Interview with the Author (PDF)
Check out the Q&A with NY Times Bestselling author Craig Hatkoff.

Student Activity: What's Your Dolphin IQ?
Build excitement with a quiz to find out what your students already know about dolphins and where they live.

Background Lessons
Prep your class with science and vocabulary lessons. Students will learn about dolphin biology and marine life through quick language arts activities.

During the Event

Virtual Field Trip Agenda
Print out a copy of the agenda. Encourage students to jot down notes for post-event questions and discussion.

After the Event

Winter's Tail Discussion Guide
Guide students through a post-event discussion about Winter and how she inspires people around the world.

Celebrate Winter's Birthday
Winter's birthday is October 10th! Find fun and easy activities that students can do to help celebrate.

Student Contest
Encourage students to write an essay or draw a picture that answers the following question: "Tell Us About Your Favorite Animal Hero."

Interactive Student Activities
Visit for computer lab activities that introduce kids to Winter, ocean life, and all things dolphin!

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