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Meet Winter the Dolphin

Winter's Tail DS

Introducing an interactive way to learn about Winter

Take an exciting journey on your Nintendo DS and learn about the real-life story of Winter the Dolphin.  Based on the Scholastic Book from the #1 New York Times Best Selling Authors of Owen & Mzee, the game includes the fully interactive book “Winter’s Tail” read by the authors Juliana, Isabella and Craig Hatkoff.  The game will tell Winter's story in a variety of ways - both in storybook format and by using mini-games to illustrate important points during the narrative. 

The goals of the game are to:

  • Engage the player in the true life story of Winter
  • Inspire the player as to how their differences do not have to limit their potential
  • Increase empathy for those who are differently abled
  • Engage players in storytelling
  • Inform the player about dolphin training and conservation

Highlights & Key Features:

  • An interactive adaptation of the book: Featuring photos, animations, and voice-over.
  • Literacy support: With voiceover and per word highlighting as the voice over is heard, and some key words tappable to get definitions or pronunciation, the game enhances literacy progress.
  • Accessible: A first for a Nintendo DS game, the game will include accessibility options to allow enjoyment by children with motor skills or other challenges
  • Story-telling: With a make-my-own book mode, children are given the building blocks to tell Winter's tale their way, encouraging a sense of authorship.
  • Interactive play: Microgames punctuate the story at key points, providing some tactile immersion in key story beats.
  • Coloring book: Purely creative experience of the story, while listening to the story if desired.
  • Collectibles: Collect photos and coloring book pages you find hidden in the text. These are used in Make-My-Own book and the coloring mode.

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