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Tech Tools

August 2009

New Developments in Hardware

The GradeCam system quickly scores multiple-choice tests without an expensive optical scanner. It also records each student’s score automatically and allows for easy individual tracking. $98 with a site license.

LaCie 2big Quadra
With enough space for a pair of hard drives, this storage device can hold up to 4TB of data. If that’s not enough room, several units can be stacked and connected together for a nearly unlimited capacity. $320–$700.

Epson PowerLite 825
Balancing power and longevity, the PowerlLite 825 light bulb puts out 3,000 lumens and lasts up to 6,000 hours, or about six years of normal use. $1,000.

Sanyo PLC-XU305
The easy-to-use Auto Capture memory key takes files from transfer to display in less than a minute. A versatile remote can point, highlight, freeze, zoom, and page images back and forth. $2,400.

Livescribe Pulse
An infrared camera remembers everything the Pulse Smartpen writes, while its flash drive simultaneously captures sound. Plug it into a laptop and Livescribe’s software puts the two together so that not a syllable is lost. $150.

Dell Studio 14 z.
Available in six vivid colors, this bold laptop has a 14-inch hi-def screen and a 500GB hard drive with a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It weighs in at a lean 4.3 lbs. $650–$750.

New Developments in Software


Read&Write 3 Gold for Mac
Texthelp Systems’ Read&Write 3 Gold for Mac helps struggling readers and ESL students master English. Text-to-speech, online-translation, and graphic-organizer functions are instantly accessible through a floating toolbar, whether students are on Word, Safari, Adobe Reader, or other common programs for Macs.

Bottom Line: Provides reading and writing support to students of all ages. Not a Mac user? They’ve got Read&Write programs for PCs, too.

Create professional-looking bibliographies for free online. Just select the source type from the drop-down list and enter the relevant info, and EasyBib creates an MLA-style bibliography that can be exported to Word. There’s even a handy citation guide.
Bottom Line: A great way to quickly create an MLA-style bibliography.

Free World U
Tap into Free World U, a free online school, for curriculum-building ideas. Each section, from elementary to high school, has a slew of complete lesson plans built around fill-in flash cards, making it perfect for group and individual work. Give a donation if you like.
Bottom Line: Free World U has an amazing assortment of lessons.

HTML Calendar Maker Pro
In minutes, HTML Calendar Maker Pro can help you create a customizable monthly online grid calendar. While other programs of this type can cost upwards of $300, this one costs $27 for a single copy or as little as $19 each for 30 or more copies, for PC and Mac.
Bottom Line: Create fully featured calendars without a degree in programming.

School Loop
With School Loop, a district of any size can have an expansive online presence. You don’t need to speak HTML, Flash, or Acrobat—just grab the items you want and drop them in place. On top of using your school’s photographs and videos, School Loop can create directories, calendars, tables, and news sections.
Bottom Line: Anybody can be a Web designer with School Loop’s design program.

  • Teacher Store
  • The Teacher Store  
    Laura Robb Library Grade 8

    Laura Robb Library Grade 8

    Visit the Laura Robb Classroom Libraries website for more information.

    The Laura Robb Classroom Library develops students' personal reading lives by increasing their desire to read and talk about books through a collection of engaging titles that stimulate their interests. Each library features a broad range of titles, selected by Laura Robb, that fascinate and intrigue students-inspiring conversation and encouraging lifelong reading.

    With The Laura Robb Classroom Library, students are motivated to read for pleasure and gain critical reading practice. Reading practice enables students to:

  • Increase their vocabulary and become familiar with words in different contexts
  • Improve fluency
  • Develop the skills required to cope with more difficult texts

    Each Grade-Level Library Includes:

  • 100 Trade Books (50 titles; 2 copies each)
  • 1 Teacher Handbook
  • Professional Resource Book authored by Laura Robb
  • Download Laura Robb Grade 8 Title List (PDF)

    Now shipping with NEW Classroom Books Library Bins!

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    Paperback Book Collection | Grade 8
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  • Laura Robb Library Grade 8
    Grade 8 $429.00
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  • Teacher Store
  • The Teacher Store  
    Gathering the Sun / Cosecha de sol: An Alphabet in Spanish and English - Activity Sheet

    Gathering the Sun / Cosecha de sol: An Alphabet in Spanish and English - Activity Sheet

    by Alma Flor Ada and Simon Silva

    Scholastic’s downloadable worksheets for students offer a varied selection of tasks that require reading for meaning through many fun and strategic activities. The rich content of our title-specific blackline masters incorporates writing exercises, graphic organizers, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, vocabulary development, and much, much more. Through innovative exercises, students will enjoy a range of activities that require them to engage in post-reading reflections that include but are not limited to understanding character development, imagining new endings, connecting with text-based information, plus a focus on important age-appropriate reading strategies such as summarizing, comparing/contrasting, problem solving, synthesizing, determining cause and effect and many others. From phonics to fluency, the Scholastic downloadable worksheets offer meaningful engagement for students in grades K-12. Now available for a special selection of our most popular fiction and nonfiction paperbacks. Perfect for a learning center activity, skill reinforcement, take-home, informal self-assessment, and monitoring independent reading.

    Worksheet | Grades 1-3
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    Gathering the Sun / Cosecha de sol: An Alphabet in Spanish and English - Activity Sheet
    Grades 1-3 $2.95
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