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Kitchen Table Reviews: Klutz Build-a-Book: Why I Love My Dad

This cool kit from Klutz makes a great Father's Day gift.

By Mir Kamin | null null , null
Klutz Build-a-Book: <i>Why I Love My Dad</i><br />
Klutz Build-a-Book: Why I Love My Dad

Father’s Day is coming up, and I’m pretty sure it’s a law that gifts to Dad from the kids must include at least one homemade “I love you so much Daddy” type of item. This year I thought we’d mix it up a little bit with this cool Klutz kit, so that the kids could make their dad a little book instead of the usual cards and drawings.

Me: This week was kind of fun—I just gave you two the kit and you disappeared for a few hours with it. I think you’ve been having fun! Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been doing.
Son: We’ve been making all kinds of neat collage-y sorts of pages for Dad. It comes with these foam shapes and some googly eyes and a marker and also cool patterned paper, so there’s lots of different ways for us to make stuff.
Daughter: I like how it comes with so many different materials, although the container of glue is kind of small. We’re already running out. Also, there’s only one “D” in with the letters. I wish there were more.
Me: Okay, Negative Nelly, does that mean you don’t like it?
Daughter: No, not at all—I just wish it came with more supplies. But it’s a blank book with these “hint sheets” that have suggestions on different things you can do, and I really like those because then we just do what it says, and we don’t argue over it or anything. Otherwise we’d probably bicker a lot more.
Son: We’re still bickering some. Sometimes we want to do different pages and there’s just the one little book.
Me: You two? Bicker? I’m amazed.
Daughter: Funny, Mom. Anyway, I think it might be easier if there’s just one kid working on it, but it’s still pretty cool for us to work on together.
Son: And I think Daddy is really going to love it!
Daughter: Yeah, we put in lots of silly stuff he loves.

[Here we took a break and they let me check out their progress thus far. They’d done about four pages, and I don’t mind telling you that those pages had bought me nearly two hours of relatively calm and argument-free busy child time. Need I say more?]

Me: So, will you get it done in time for Father’s Day?
Son: Yep!
Daughter: It shouldn’t be a problem. I think this is probably for littler kids than us—even a 4-year-old could probably make something cute—but it’s been pretty fun for us.

A creative project that keeps the kids out of your hair and results in a happy Dad? Score!

Pros: Everything you need to make a complete book. Dads will love it. Hours of fun for kids (and peace for moms).

Cons: Glue container is sort of small. Only one “D” in a kit designed for Dad. Bickering.

The Why I Love My Dad Klutz Build-a-Book kit gets three thumbs up (two of them are, admittedly, glue-covered) from our kitchen table.

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