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Save the Children's Emergency Relief Program

Photo courtesy of Save the Children<br />
Photo courtesy of Save the Children

Did you know . . .

  • About 25% of the country is under age 18?
  • Over 90% of these children and young adults live in areas at risk from natural disasters, but federal, state, and local emergency preparedness plans rarely include measures to address the unique needs of children and families facing potential disasters.
  • In 2008 alone, Save the Children served more than 100,000 children and over 30,000 adults facing emergencies and disasters across the United States.
  • Just $25 could buy a colorful parachute that can be used for different games to help hundreds of kids learn to cope with difficult emotions after disasters.*

No one is more vulnerable than children during a disaster, such as a hurricane. But many governments have not prepared for such simple needs as cribs and diapers in the shelters where some families stay. And not enough emergency plans include plans for reuniting families, rebuilding schools, and providing child care services.

Save the Children responds directly to disasters and provides workshops for emergency planners, so that they can prepare for the needs of children before disaster strikes. They also build Child Friendly Spaces where children can be safe and play during an emergency. Finally, they offer children psychological support after the disaster, so that kids can heal from a terrifying experience.

Learn more about Save the Children's Emergency Programs for Children.


*This is just an example of what $25 could buy — it could help in many different ways!

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