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Save the Children National Center for Summer Learning
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Save the Children's Literacy Program

Photo courtesy of Save the Children<br />
Photo courtesy of Save the Children

Did you know . . .

  • In low-income neighborhoods, there's an average of only 1 book for 300 kids. In middle-class neighborhoods, there are 13 books for every kid!
  • More than 60% of low-income families have no books for their kids in their homes at all.
  • Just $5 could buy a child a paperback book to read!*

When a child learns to read, doors open — a career as a doctor, astronaut, teacher or lawyer becomes possible. Unfortunately, those doors are closed for many kids living in poverty, where half read below their grade level.

To make sure all kids have the chance for success in life, Save the Children has established an hour-long afterschool reading program that serves kids in grades K-8 from poor rural communities. Teachers give students books for independent reading and read-alouds, plus start activities that encourage reading. Students who need special help get extra time and attention from teachers. By establishing a life-long love of learning for these kids, Save the Children is opening up thousands of doors every day.

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* This is just an example of what $5 could buy — it could help in many different ways!

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