LESSON 3: Reducing the Risk

Time Required: One 40-minute class period

Materials: Worksheet 3


1. Ask students, "Is it worth the risk to do something you like if you think you might get a scraped knee?" Point out that people who ride skateboards and bikes often take that risk. Ask students how someone might reduce the risk of getting a scraped knee while riding a skateboard or bike (e.g., wearing knee pads).

2. Tell students that there are things that people can do to reduce their risk of getting cancer. On the board, create a chart with the following four headers: 1. Avoid tobacco; 2. Protect yourself from the sun; 3. Eat healthy foods; 4. Exercise. Explain to students that these are four ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer as an adult.

3. Lead a class discussion about specific things that people can do to accomplish the four things on the board. Write answers underneath the appropriate header.

4. Distribute Worksheet 3: Reducing the Risk to the class. Instruct students to read each scenario and decide the best way to reduce the risk of cancer in each situation. Once complete, review the answers as a class. Discuss with students why some choices are better than others. If applicable, list any additional items from the worksheet on the board.

5. Explain to your students that the correct choices will certainly help reduce the risk of getting cancer as an adult, but will not guarantee that a person does not get cancer. Explain that it is difficult to tell if or why someone will get cancer. But it is still a good idea for people to protect themselves by doing the things that are listed on the board.

6. Emphasize that sometimes people can't help what happens to them, but that they can help to reduce the risks of getting some types of cancer by not smoking, protecting themselves from the sun, eating well, and exercising.

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