SMART offers a range of professional development options for educators, including learning opportunities for administrators looking for best practices in ICT implementation.

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Grants and Funding

To implement today’s best technology, you need powerful strategies for getting the funds you need. Here, you’ll find a wealth of expert advice from fellow school leaders who have successfully won grants and secured essential funding. From federal funding sources to surprising avenues for tracking down money, the resources gathered here will put you on the track to transforming your schools and improving academic outcomes.

Leveling the Playing Field
Mebane Foundation Paves Way for SMART Implementations in North Carolina

Rated "E" for Effort
E-Rate Success Enhances SMART Utilization in Evangeline Parish Schools

16 Surprising Ways to Raise Funds
Dare to dream with these proven ways to get the dollars you need.

Four Rules for Getting Your Grant Approved
Winning strategies from a veteran grant writer

10 Ways to Get a Grant
Experts give their best advice on drafting grant proposals that work

Federal Funding Resources
Links and resources for a variety of federal programs

Money Makers
Districts that land the big grants get to pursue the best projects. Here's how.

Big-Time Fundraising
Stanley Levenson, a nationally known fundraiser and fundraising consultant, shares his secrets.

Online Fund-Raising
Internet resources to help you fill up your coffers.

Fundraising success stories (PDF, 1.03 MB)
Winning educators don't just sit back and wait—they go out and ask for the funds they need.

Taking Fundraising to the Next Level (PDF, 213 KB)
Fundraising doesn't have to be boring and routine. Many educators are embarking on fun, creative strategies to raise thousands for their schools.

U.S. National Fundraising Opportunities
Find a variety of grant sources nationwide.

U.S. Regional Funding Opportunities
Search for grants in specific regions.

Worldwide Grants
Grant opportunities throughout the world.

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