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One Savvy Writer

Kid Reporter talks with author Ingrid Law

By Grace Choi | null null , null

Ingrid Law, the author of the recent book Savvy, wanted to write a book about a magical family, without using the word magic. So she substituted savvy for magic.
Mibs Beaumont turns 13 and finds out her savvy (or superpower) is that she can read people's minds. After her father, who isn't magical, gets into a big car crash, Mibs goes on an adventure most 13-year-olds are not likely to experience.
Ingrid Law has never been in a situation like Mibs's, but when writing this book, she did travel the same route that Mibs does. On her first day traveling on Route 86, Law experienced tornadoes and incorporated ideas about tornadoes and hurricanes in the book.

Law had always made up stories in her head as a child. It kept her entertained and made her relax, especially if she was stressed from work. So Savvy was a mixture of all those ideas that she had made up while working other jobs.
Savvy is not Ingrid Law's first novel, yet it is her first published book. She has also written mystery, adventure, and fantasy novels. But for Savyy fans out there, Law is writing her second book, Scumble. It's about Mibs's cousin, so savvies are still involved and familiar characters are also in it from her first book.

Ingrid Law didn't become an independent reader until fifth grade, but her parents and older sister read to her at the dinner table and even at breakfast. When Law was a child her favorite book was Charmed Life by Diana Wynne; it was an original magical book where a boy had nine lives just like a cat.
Scholastic News asked Law what her dream savvy was. She answered that she would want to fly or breathe underwater because it would give her a totally new perspective of the Earth. It would also be more peaceful when you're in air or underwater than it is on land.
We're expecting a Savvy movie sometime in the future. When Scholastic News asked if Law knew anything about the upcoming Hollywood film, she said she knows only little. People are writing the script now but the date of release is not yet known, so that's something to watch out for, Savvy fans!


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