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Wildlife on Webcam

View animals from around the globe — at your fingertips!


Children are endlessly fascinated by animals, but few grandparents can indulge their grandchildren with a safari to Africa to view the wildlife. Fortunately, the Internet has made watching animals easy with Webcams set up to broadcast from locations around the world. You can travel far afield with distant grandchildren by clicking on these critter cams and watching the animal antics together from your computers.

Webcam Viewing Tips

Some live cams are really snapshot stills that are refreshed every so often, whereas a live streaming video cam shows real-time movement. Apparently the logistics and cost of operating video cameras in the wild are difficult and expensive, so most cameras are on a live refresh system. In some cases, live audio is included.

Occasionally you'll need to use the refresh button on your Web browser to get the most recent image. Black spaces sometimes are just taking a minute to load; at other times they are showing you night in another time zone.

Some sites stop transmission when animals are mating; others don't. Some Webcams are seasonal and post highlights of previous activity. A few permit you to sign up for an email alert when activity resumes.

Outdoor cams are best viewed during daylight hours. Allow for time zone differences (visit to get the time in another zone). Morning is a good time to visit U.S. sites, while evening is best for Europe and Africa.

I found that most sites opened up with my AOL browser, but some didn't. Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and Firefox generally work well. Some sites will prompt you to install updated software so you can view the images. Unfortunately, annoying ads may be part of the deal.

Be warned. Watching animals from around the world live on Webcams can prove addictive. It's like a TV reality show, only the stars here are critters. Bookmark these sites, and you and your grandchildren can visit your favorites regularly.


Badgers inherit their nest, known as a sett, from their parents, expanding the tunnel system as the clan grows.
Where: Devon, England
Webcam: Still image; operates around dusk, local time.

Grizzly Bears
During the summer salmon run, grizzlies congregate on the river to fish.
Where: McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, Homer, Alaska
Webcam: Live streaming video with sound. When not operating, highlights of the previous season are displayed.

Polar Bears
Polar bears fast on land during the summer before returning to the sea ice in the fall to hunt seals.
Where: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Webcam: Still image, refreshes every 30 seconds; operates in October and November, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the complete loop replayed two times before the next day.

Bird Feeder
Acorn woodpeckers, Rufous hummingbirds, and Cecil the mourning dove frequent the feeder.
Where: Boulder Creek, California
Webcam: Still image, refreshes every ten minutes; operates dawn to dusk.

Bald Eagles
The eagle nest measures 6' wide by 5' deep. It sits in a cottonwood tree near a power plant.
Where: Platteville, Colorado
Webcam: Live streaming video; operates February through May.

Africa's big five — lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino — have been spotted at this watering hole.
Where: Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa
Webcam: Live streaming video with sound; operates 24 hours.

Sea Lions
Sea lions have external ear flaps; seals do not.
Where: Pier 39, San Francisco, California
Webcam: Live streaming video. At night and when sea lions leave for mating, the image switches to best stills.

Snow Monkeys (Japanese Macaque)
Snow monkeys love to soak in hot spring waters. The adults have red faces and bottoms.
Where: Jigokudani Monkey Park, near Nagano, Japan
Webcam: Still image; refreshes every five minutes.

Barn Owls
Barn owls are nocturnal. Nesting begins in February.
Where: Benicia, California
Webcam: Still image; two cameras refresh every 20 seconds.

Some nests of these long-necked white storks have been used continuously for hundreds of years.
Where: Bornheim, Germany
Webcam: Still image; two cameras, refresh every five minutes.


Visitors can hand-feed special crackers to 20 reticulated giraffe in this herd.
Where: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Webcam: Giraffes are out in warm weather during zoo hours. Image updates every minute.

Lowland Gorillas
These primates can live to be 50 years old in captivity.
Where: Barcelona Zoo, Barcelona, Spain
Webcam: Two cameras, picture updated every two seconds.

The clear water of the 360,000-gallon hippoquarium allows clear viewing of the 11-foot long hippos.
Where: Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio
Webcam: Two cameras, live streaming video.

Giant pandas are about the size of a stick of butter when they're born.
Where: San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California
Webcam: Live streaming video; 36 cameras, operate 24 hours, or view time-lapse video highlights of previous days.


As many as 60 cats, many named for movie stars, live at the Hemingway house. About half have extra toes.
Where: Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, Key West, Florida
Webcam: Live streaming video.

Watch 22 green Ameraucana chicken eggs hatch! Or the camera may be trained on the flock outside.
Where: North Carolina
Webcam: Live streaming video.

Cows chew their cud from six to eight hours a day.
Where: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Webcam: Live streaming video.

May is foaling season at BKS Coppertop Ranch, which raises quarter horses and miniature horses.
Where: Hesperia, Michigan
Webcam: Live streaming video of multiple views around ranch and foaling pens.


This exhibit contains gentoo and macaroni penguins; the macaronis have yellow feathers on their heads.
Where: Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Webcam: Live streaming video.

There are over 300 different species of fish in this facility. Sharks are easy to spot in the Pacific Tank.
Where: London Aquarium, London, England
Webcam: Live streaming video.

Sea Otters
Sea otters often rest in groups called "rafts" and sometimes hold paws to stay together.
Where: Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Webcam: Live streaming video; operates 24 hours.

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