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Quiet on the Set!

Kid Reporter goes backstage to talk with—and direct—the Naked Brothers Band and Miranda Cosgrove

By Jacqueline Minogue | null null , null
Kid Reporter Jacqueline Minogue interviews Nat Wolff on the set of <i>The Naked Brothers Band</i>. (Photo courtesy Jacqueline Minogue)
Kid Reporter Jacqueline Minogue interviews Nat Wolff on the set of The Naked Brothers Band. (Photo courtesy Jacqueline Minogue)

"Action," I yelled. The cameras started rolling and Nat Wolff and Miranda Cosgrove started pushing their faces against a glass window. It was so funny!

I visited the set of Nickelodeon's hit show The Naked Brothers Band during the filming of an episode for season three. On this particular day, Miranda Cosgrove was there! She will be a guest star in the season premiere "Mystery Girl" airing October 18. The director, Jonathan Judge, let me be the guest director for a couple shots. I had no idea how much work went into the making of just one scene of a TV show. There were several camera crews, makeup artists, costume designers, producers, and many others. Everyone had an important job that needed to be done.

Each scene was shot several times from many different angles. I thought it would be perfect, but then the director would yell "Cut!" and everyone would make a few changes. Sure enough, they were right. The scene did look better with each new take and with every change. The scene I watched was with Nat and Miranda. They looked like they were having a lot of fun filming together. There may even be some romance between them in the episode!

After spending a few hours shooting one scene, I was able to spend some time talking with Nat Wolff. He explained to me that, in the third season, the Naked Brothers Band is making a movie called The Top Secret Naked Brothers Band Musical Mystery Movie. The show will have a lot of funny things that happen behind the scenes while they are making the movie. Season three will also feature about 10 new songs by the Naked Brothers Band and guest appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Bedingfield, and Miranda Cosgrove.

I asked Nat how he liked working with Miranda.

"She's awesome. She's really cool!" Nat said. "We've hung out a lot before. I've known her for a while".

Nat also told me some exciting news about his future. He and his brother Alex are going on tour this November and December. They will be stopping in several cities on the East Coast and a couple on the West Coast. The concerts will be only on the weekends because they still have to go to school, but they are really excited for their first tour!

Afterwards, I toured all the sets used in the show. I got to see the Wolffs' house on the set. It was amazing. Every room, including the bathroom, with a yellow toilet and bathtub, was so colorful and different. Nat and Alex's room was really cool. The best part was that some of their actual fan mail was hung on their bedroom walls as part of the set.

Before I left, I was able to interview Miranda Cosgrove and find out how she liked working on The Naked Brothers Band.

Scholastic News Online: I know you are making this new episode with the Naked Brothers Band. Do you play yourself or someone else?
Miranda Cosgrove: Actually, I play myself in the episode. It's funny because at first I didn't know if I was going to play a different character or me and then I totally relaxed when I found out I was going to be playing me because that's real easy!

SNO: What happens in this episode?
Miranda: Basically, there's this whole thing going on—I guess it's kind of a movie—there's this whole thing going on with Nat and Rosalina and how they like each other on the show. She's going away on a cruise. Throughout the episode I'm kind of giving Nat advice on what to do with the relationship, and it's not going exactly perfect but in the end it works out.

SNO: Do you do any singing in this episode?
Miranda: No, I am in the music video with Nat. He's singing one of his songs. The song is "Scary World."

SNO: How do you like working with the Naked Brothers Band so far?
Miranda: It's really fun. I have known them for like a year from going to the Kids Choice Awards and seeing them places. We're friends. It's really fun getting to work with them on set. It's exciting.

SNO: Of all the characters you played so far, like on Drake & Josh, iCarly, this episode, who are you most like?
Miranda: Well, since I played myself in this episode I guess this one!! But other than that I think I am most like Carly from iCarly. On Drake & Josh I was always mischievous and mean and I don't even have any brothers in real life. So I wasn't much like her, so definitely Carly

Check out the complete interview with Miranda where she talks about her show, iCarly, and being an actress!

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