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Gorilla Summit

Looking for Miza: Kids Gorilla Summit

Watch young people, experts, and author Craig Hatkoff discuss the endangered mountain gorillas.

The Looking for Miza: Kids Gorilla Summit occurred Friday, 9/26/08 in New York. At the summit, the experts talked about three main ways you can help save the mountain gorillas. Use these videos below, to help teach the themes covered at the Summit.

See students at the Shalom Torah Academy perform a Gorilla Naming Ceremony .

Check out the featured video with President Bill Clinton.

President Bill Clinton at the Kids Gorilla Summit


Watch young people, experts, and author Craig Hatkoff discuss the endangered mountain gorillas. Check out these highlights from the day:

  • Chapter 1 - Kids Gorilla Summit introductions from Scholastic Chairperson Dick Robinson and video messages from animal expert Jack Hanna, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper, and former President Bill Clinton!
  • Chapter 2 - Live address from philanthropist Trevor Nielsen about personal involvement with the mountain gorilla crisis, and a discussion with Owen & Mzee author Craig Hatkoff and CEO of Wildlife Direct Dr. Paula Kahumbu.
  • Chapter 3 - Author Craig Hatkoff shows short documentary film of recent trip to Rwanda as part of the Clinton Global Initiative Action Commitment he signed in 2007, and Dr. Paula Kahumbu talks about Wildlife Direct and the mountain gorilla families.
  • Chapter 4 - Video from new Rwanda-based Scholastic kid journalists and discussion with doctors Lucy Spellman and Richard Leakey.
  • Chapter 5 - BBC photographer Peter Greste discusses his contributions and experiences in working on Looking for Miza before the event’s experts and philanthropists take thoughtful questions from students at the summit.
  • Chapter 6 - The students’ questions for the panel continue.
  • Chapter 7 - Live presentation of Gorillasodes, review of student proposals for solutions, discussion from author Craig Hatkoff, and close of program.


1. Raise Awareness:
If people don't know about the problem, they can't fix it.

Example: One way to raise awareness is through writing letters to your elected officials, urging them to get involved. You can get the contact information for your senator here.

2. Protect the Gorillas:
Ultimately, the park rangers on the ground in the forests are the people who can protect the gorillas hands-on. But it takes money and resources that they don't have for them to do their job properly.

Example: When she heard about the endangered Mountain Gorillas, one girl in Illinois threw an ice skating party for all of her friends to raise money to help.

3. Help the People Help Themselves:
One reason the gorillas' home is in danger is that the people living in the area cut down the trees for fuel. They make charcoal from the trees and use that charcoal to cook their food. Saying, "Don't cut down the trees," doesn't help because people still need fuel to use to cook food. (When's the last time you ate an uncooked hamburger or pizza?) So we need to find some other fuel source that the people living in this area can use that does not harm the gorillas' habitat.

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