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The Latest and Greatest in Ed Tech

Dell Studio Hybrid
More flexible than a typical PC, the Dell Studio Hybrid is an anywhere-you-want-it desktop. This energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor computer is Dell’s smallest and most stylish desktop. It’s available in 6 different color sleeves, and bamboo, too. Features include slot-load DVD, HDMI, and optional Blu-ray. $499

The SPARK portable science lab
and fieldwork device has easy-to-use sensor plug-ins making it ideal for collecting, viewing, displaying, and analyzing data. The battery operated SPARK has a 5.75-inch-diagonal, 640 x 480-resolution touch screen, and requires no software installation.

3M 700 Projectors
The 3M 700 series DLP projectors use Vikuiti Super Close technology, Dolby sound and Hollywood Video Quality for a 60-inch-diagonal screen image from about 30 inches away, and from almost any surface placement. $2,765

Lexmark Education Station
Beyond printing, the X646tde allows educators and staff to manage documents and dispatch forms. They can also access and print stored network files, such as bubble sheets for tests. It can be integrated with most Student Information Systems (SIS).

The Fourier NovaCentro
This portable, 2.4-pound field laboratory has a built-in MultiLogPRO data logger with supporting math and science tools, as well as graphing and calculating software. It features a 624MHz processor, 256 NAND Flash memory, 128MB of RAM, wireless, and 8-hour battery. $500

The MPC TXTbook, based on Intel’s Classmate, features an 8.9-inch screen, 30GB hard drive, 1GB internal memory, built-in wireless, a 4-cell battery, and Intel Atom processor. The keyboard is designed for children, and there’s even a built-in handle for toting this modern-day TXTbook to class.$499

Lenovo IdeaPad U110.
This 11.1-inch widescreen notebook weighs 2.4 pounds, has VeriFace face recognition, hard drive Active Protection to protect against falls,
and a frameless screen. $1,799

Quick Guide Laptops

Solid State (SSD): Mini notebook SSD hard drives have no moving parts—like MP3 players—making them light and reliable.
Keyboards: 70–80 percent of the standard size fits small hands.
Battery Life: Processor speed is the key for batteries lasting the school day—5 to 8 hours.
Display: Small screens might be fine for corporate road warriors, but may not best for all students.

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