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How to Use Blogs: Grades 6–8

Blogs are an authentic tool for expressing opinions. In this lesson, students learn what blogs are, how to write blog entries, and how to express their opinions effectively.


Students will:

  1. Understand how to write blogs
  2. Express their opinions in blog entries
  3. React to other students' blog entries


  1. Blog Rules (PDF)
  2. Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog
  3. Blogs in Plain English video


  1. Print the Blogging Rules (PDF).
  2. Review the Blogs in Plain English video.


Activity #1

  1. Ask students if they have heard of a blog. Explain what a blog is. Or show the Blogs in Plain English video.
    • A blog is a Web site that allows groups or individuals to contribute their ideas, comments, or opinions in a journal format. Blog entries are often short and appear in reverse chronological order.
    • A blog entry can be created any time and any place from any Internet enabled computer.
  2. Discuss rules for blogging. Add any more rules to the Blog Rules list that your class determines.
  3. Allow time for the students to type their blog entries.
  4. If time allows, have the students respond to another student's blog entry.


  • Pair struggling writers with more-fluent writers
  • Assign a volunteer to help a struggling writer.
  • Have the blogs or articles read to students who have difficulty reading.


  • Create additional blog topics on your class Web site or free Internet blog site.
    • Topics might include poetry, recipes, goals for the year, "When I grow up," persuasive writing, short stories.


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