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Tech Tools: Non-Stop Digital Projectors

August 2008

Quick Guide to Projectors
DLP: “Digital light processing” creates images using a micromirror and a spinning color wheel. An alternative to LCD.
Brightness: 2,000 lumens is enough for a normally lit classroom, but bigger, brighter rooms need more.
Resolution: SVGA (800 x 600) is good for a classroom, but use XGA (1024 x 768) for large venues.

BenQ MP622
This cost-effective projector puts out 2,700 lumens—about twice the lumens per dollar of other projectors. With DLP technology and a six-color wheel, the MP622 delivers XGA resolution and rich color. Also, you never have to replace its filter. $850.

Planar PR5030

This projector puts out 3,000 lumens and runs at a quiet 29dBs. It casts a wide-screen image with a DLP imaging chip that has a special five-element color wheel, and it has three brightness modes. $1,600.


InFocus IN3104
Large-format presenters should check out the dazzling 3,500 lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio of this DLP projector. It features XGA resolution and can transmit content over USB for fast setup. $1,800.


Sanyo PLC-XL51
Perfect for small classrooms, this machine can fill a six-foot screen from as close as three inches. Delivering 2,700 lumens and 600:1 contrast, the XL51 has built-in networking and a unique alarm. $4,000.

Quick Guide to BluRay
what it is: BluRay is a new optical disc format for storing data and video.
what it does: A BluRay disc can hold 50GBs, the equivallent of about 6 DVDs or 75 CDs.
why now: BluRay has displaced its rival, HD-DVD, to become the stan-dard format for high-definition video.

LG Electonics BE06
This speed demon reads and writes at up to 6X. That translates into 16 minutes per disc. It connects with a USB cable and can label discs while it burns. $380.

LaCie d2.
With the ability to connect via either USB or Firewire cables, the d2 is flexible and creates and plays discs quietly. Its sleek white-and-black design also sets the standard in style. $690.


Samsung Spinpoint Fi RAID
This hard drive holds a terabyte of data but uses less power than other 3.5-inch drives—thanks to three magnetic platters and an innovative recording technique, which lower energy use and boost performance. $300.


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