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Star Spotlight: Madison Davenport

By Marie Morreale | null null , null
Madison Davenport stars as Ruthie in <i>Kit Kittredge: An American Girl</i>. (Photo: Robert Voets)
Madison Davenport stars as Ruthie in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. (Photo: Robert Voets)

What was Madison's most embarrassing moment in school?
 Listen to her answer to find out!

Madison Davenport may be only 11 years old, but the Texas born-'n'-bred actress has a résumé that suits Hollywood's biggest names. She has guested on TV shows such as Bones; CSI: NY; Numb3rs; and many others. She's starred in the TV movie While the Children Sleep, and has major acting credits in the feature films Humbolt County; Kit Kittredge: An American Girl; A Monster in the Attic; and character voiceovers in Over The Hedge and the upcoming Christmas Is Here Again.

Acting is just the tip of her talents. Madison also sings and is developing a children's book series called Colorfornia. "It's for younger kids," Madison told Scholastic News, "like preschoolers or kindergarteners. It's teaching them their shapes and their numbers and their colors."

Find our more about Madison and her role of Ruthie in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and read on . . .

Scholastic News: You have a lot coming out in the coming months—first Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.
Madison: Yes, I play Ruthie, Kit's best friend in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and then A Monster in the Attic—it's an independent film. It'll be coming out in a film festival. And then there is an animated feature called Christmas is Here Again.

What grade are you in?
Madison: I'm in fifth grade.

SN: Are you in regular school?
Madison: Yes, I'm in public school.

When you are on the set of a movie, you are tutored on the set, right?
Madison: Yes, they have an on-set teacher. We still have to do all the work that we do in class, but we have to do it in a three-hour time span. It's really fun on-set, though.

What is the most fun that you've had on-set recently?
Madison: Well, I think the most fun that I've had was on both of the sets . . . actually, on all three. Doing a voiceover for Christmas is Here Again was really fun 'cause everyone was so nice to me. And then Kit Kittredge was an amazing experience because I got to go to Canada, and it was my first "era" film, so I got to wear the 1930's clothes, the real vintage clothes. And A Monster in the Attic was also another era film, so two era films in one summer—who knew. I love being on-set because everyone is really nice to you. You always have a really great adventure. You always get to meet new people.

SN: When did you know that you wanted to act?
Madison: I guess I really always wanted to act. When I was seven, I actually had the opportunity to come out to California. I've always really loved playing a part, playing a character and being someone else.

SN: When you were little, did you put on little plays for your family and friends?
Madison: Yes, I did. I actually used to make these little plays. I would stand there, and I would act out where I was dying or something. I would make them sit there and watch all my plays. I would be talking in gibberish language, like I was talking in a different language, and my parents would be like, "Oh that was great!" and I'd be like, "Wait, it's not done!

SN: What was your first professional job?
Madison: Do commercials count? I did a Kodak commercial, and it was really cool because it was the first time I got to be in a trailer. And I got to work with 12 dogs. I had to walk them all. . . .It was so funny. The dogs were kind of all different sizes. Little dogs and big dogs. I actually almost got to take one of the doggies home.

SN: What's your favorite subject in school?
Madison: Sometimes it changes. It all really changes because, you know, some days math is hard, and some days science is hard. But right now, it's science.

SN: What do you like about math or what don't you like about math?
Madison: Well, I don't like to be negative about math because it really teaches you a lot of great things. You kind of use math every day. I mean, our clock goes seven minutes slower than my phone clock. So it's like 3:33. I'm just gonna say on my clock it's 3:33. But mine is seven. . . .I'm not gonna do the math (laughs). I do like math because it definitely teaches you something.

SN: Do you like to read?
Madison: I do. I've recently become a bookworm. Actually, I stayed up 'til 9:30 reading a book, and it was so funny. My mom walks in, she's like, "What are you doing up? I thought I put you to bed!" And I'm like, "You did, but I'm reading."

SN: What was the book?
Madison: It was this book. It was really scary. It was called Wait Till Helen Comes. It was a really, really scary book, but it was very intriguing.

SN: What kind of books do you like?
Madison: I love all different kinds, but my favorite kind is fantasy, romantic, happily-ever-after—oh, they get married. I definitely like what Ruthie likes. Ruthie's kind of like, a fantasy kind of girl. She loves Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

SN: Is there a character in a book that you've read that you would love to play in a movie?
Madison: Yes. Well, I read this book and it was called Eleanor: Crowned Jewel of Aquitaine. She was from France. During the whole book, it was so amazing because I loved her hair—she said it went all the way down to her hips, and I've always wanted to have really long hair. And I would love to play her because of all her gowns and her hair and because I love the way she talks. And during the book, she had a crush on one of her father's knights, and she's like, "Someday, I wish I could run off with him and get married. But I know that's just a fantasy. I know that could never happen." I would love to play her.


Star Calendar

July 2, 2008
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl opens across the U.S.

Fall 2008
Christmas is Here Again DVD will be released
Madison will guest star on NBC's ER

Star Stats

Name: Madison Danielle Davenport
Birthday: November 22, 1996
Birthplace: San Antonio, TX
Sibling: Younger brother, Gage
Pet: A Lab named Maggie

Star Faves

Fave Pastime: Reading
Fave Collection: Dolls
Fave School Subject: Science
Fave Book: Tale of Despereaux

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