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Camp Rock: Demi Lovato

By Marie Morreale | null null , null
Demi Lovato as "Mitchie Torres" in the Disney Channel movie <i>Camp Rock</i>. (Photo: ©JOHN MEDLAND/DISNEY)
Demi Lovato as "Mitchie Torres" in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. (Photo: ©JOHN MEDLAND/DISNEY)

Scholastic News: Describe your Camp Rock character, Mitchie.

Demi: Mitchie is pretty shy. She was insecure at first, but she realizes who she is at the camp and comes into her own. I can relate to her because I was the same way before I started the movie. When I was filming in Canada, I really found out who I was. . . . As I was doing the scene where I tock out on stage at the end, I evolved. It was really cool. But I don’t like liars, and she tends to lie to have a good reputation, but it’s innocent. Her intentions aren’t mean, but she just gets caught up in the crowd there. I don’t like that!

SN: What was the funniest Camp Rock scene for you?

Demi: The first Camp Rock scene I filmed was with Joe, so you can just imagine—any 15-year-old would be nervous! In the scene, I threw flour on my face, and filming took 30 minutes, so I had this white, filthy powder all over my face! This was one of our first conversations, and I was just totally embarrassed.

SN: Describe the Jonas Brothers.

Demi: Joe is a big dork [laughs]. Nick is witty and sarcastic—sometimes I think he is the funniest. Kevin plays the older-brother role. They’re all really, really great.

SN: What is your favorite childhood memory back home?

Demi: Driving around in the hot Texas sun, singing while driving with the windows down. My sister Madison and I are always together. I can't pick one moment. I love being with her . . . she's so much fun and so funny. I am always quoting her. [And my sister] Dallas—both are very caring and honest. I know that I can always ask them anything and they will give me their best opinion.

SN: What about them makes you crazy?

Demi: Madison is always playing in my make-up, and Dallas won't let me play in her make-up.

SN: You love clothes—what is your favorite outfit right now?

Demi: Sweat pants, hat, scarf and Converse. . . . I'm just me. My style changes, but not drastically. I like to wear what I want to wear. . . . [I like] Forever 21, H&M, Hot Topic.

SN: What books would you recommend to your middle-school fans?

Demi: The Diary of Anne Frank and The Pearl. They are classics everyone should read. I like the metaphors in The Pearl, and the story behind Anne Frank opens up your heart.

SN: What was your favorite book as a little child?

Demi: I have a few favorites—Brindle, I'll Love You Forever and Junie Be Jones.

SN: Do you remember the first book you read by yourself?

Demi: Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.

SN: Is there a literary character you would like to play in a movie?

Demi: Pretty Little Liars—It's a teen book series. I would play any of the four characters in the book.

SN: What qualities do you look for in a best friend?

Demi: Honesty and trust. I don't like when people judge.

SN: Who is your best friend?

Demi: Selena Gomez.

SN: Do you have a favorite actress or singer?

Demi: Kelly Clarkson.

SN: You’ve been opening on the Jonas Brothers tour—is there something you are never without backstage?

Demi: I have to have potato chips. The grease and the oil help your throat.

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