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Camp Rock: Alyson Stoner

By Marie Morreale | null null , null
Alyson Stoner as "Caitlyn Geller" in <i>Camp Rock</i> on Disney Channel. (Photo: ©BOB D'AMICO/DISNEY)
Alyson Stoner as "Caitlyn Geller" in Camp Rock on Disney Channel. (Photo: ©BOB D'AMICO/DISNEY)

Scholastic News: Tell us about Caitlin, your character in Camp Rock.

Alyson: Caitlin is an aspiring music producer. She mixes and matches a bunch of crazy colors with what she wears everyday. She befriends Mitchie, but she unfortunately watches Mitchie fall into the trap of the mean girl. So, she's very sarcastic and funky and kind of creative I'd say. She's an artist.

SN: Do you feel that there is something about your character in you?

Alyson: Well, I actually do compose my own music at home on my electronic keyboard and computer. So that's definitely similar, but I'm not as confident, I'll say that.

SN: When did you know that you wanted to go into show business?

Alyson: Yesterday, actually! Funny you should ask that. Seriously, it dawned on me that all these opportunities were open to me and [I had] chances to share my gift. It's a surreal feeling, I'm still getting used to it. It kind of landed on me just yesterday. I've been doing this for seven years, and I've considered it a hobby up until a year ago, when I discovered my true passion for it. I'm not in it for fame or fortune; I'm in it to share my gift with as many people as I can.

SN: What about Caitlin's style do you like and dislike?

Alyson: For her, nothing is too much. The more the better, that's Caitlin's motto I think. She mixes and matches clothes that I could never imagine wearing, but somehow I always got compliments on-set for my outfit. She has an eye for color schemes. Being able to pull off all these colors is something I've always wanted to be able to do, so I got to on-set.

SN: Have you incorporated any of her style into your own?

Alyson: No, I try to keep my work and personal life separate. I'd be on Hollywood's worst-dressed list.

SN: What was it like working with the Jonas Brothers?

Alyson: What a joy. I had previously met them a couple of times, so I knew a little bit about them, but I had no idea what a following they had. We had girls trying to get into their hotel room; we had girls following them to dinner. It was extremely crazy. They're very famous, but you would never guess it because they're so down–to-earth. They have a really tight, supportive family. It's good to see that because you don't see that often in Hollywood.

SN: Had you known any of the other actors before?

Alyson: I had only met them at the audition. I met Demi Lovato, and we got to audition, and when we left, I said to my mom "Mom, if she doesn't book it, I'm going to be so mad." So when we showed up on-set it was so awesome because we felt chemistry at the audition and wanted the opportunity to work together.

SN: Do you like to read?

Alyson: It's hard to find time to read just for fun. I read a lot of scripts, but I developed methods that if I get home early enough, I can take a book up to my bedroom and just read until I fall asleep.

SN: Do you remember what your favorite book was as a child?

Alyson: Whenever I think of that, all I can think of is the potty training book—Once Upon a Potty.

SN: What's your favorite food?

Alyson: Fruit. I'm actually a huge health nut, but my one downfall is sweets. I love fruits and vegetables. I noticed people who had more fruits and vegetables had more energy, and I wanted more energy to perform better. My health is a priority.

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