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May 2008


HIRED: With its accreditation in jeopardy, the Clayton County (GA)
school board is reportedly considering re-hiring Barbara Pulliam as superintendent of its troubled schools. Pulliam, who served for three-and-a-half years before resigning abruptly last June, received praise for piloting the district through its last accreditation crisis, in 2004. However, she had antagonistic relations with the board and sparked public controversyfor purchasing land for a school complex at $2 million more than its appraised value.

HIRED: Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has voted to hire veteran administrator Ramon Cortines as its new deputy superintendent. Cortines has headed schools in New York City and throughout California, and was interim superintendent of LAUSD in 2000. Supporters believe that he has the clout and experience to get superintendent David Brewer’s tenure back on track. Brewer, a retired Navy vice admiral who was hired 17 months ago with no prior experience as a school executive, has been criticized for being slow to respond to the problems besetting the nation’s second-largest school district.

: Superinten-dent Stan Mims is learning the hard way that honesty is the best policy. The Birmingham (AL) Board of Education has accepted Mims’s resignation after he admitted to deleting several pages from a report critical of the school system before distributing it to his staff and the public. In June 2006, Mims signed a three-year contract, at $175,000 per year. He will receive $75,000 in severance pay.
RESIGNED: The deeply unpopular superintendent of Peters Township (PA) School District agreed to resign two years before his contract was set to end, after signing a separation agreement worth about $123,000. In 2006, Timm Mackley signed a four-year contract at an annual salary of $130,000, but soon ran into problems over what the school board saw as his hands-off management style and lack of communication.

RESIGNED: Assistant Superintendent of Administration Mike Millikin, in the Columbia (FL) School District, announced his resignation. “Many disturbing issues have made it difficult for a lot of good people including me to do our jobs,” he stated in his resignation letter. “I simply cannot continue to work under what has become an unprofessional administration.”

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