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Click here to find out what oceanographer Fabien Cousteau, has to say about the Lexus Eco Challenge
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Environmental Contest

Announcing the High School Winners of the Lexus Environmental Challenge

Lexus and Scholastic are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007-2008 Lexus Environmental Challenge!

With amazing presentations, in-person and online networking and more, the winning teams of the Lexus Environmental Challenge tackled issues that ranged from global warming awareness to informing their communities about the critical importance of water conservation.

For their extraordinary displays of environmental activism, the students, teachers, and schools of the Grand Prize-winning teams will be awarded $75,000, while the First Place teams will receive $50,000! See the slideshows below detailing the teams' success,

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> Check out the Middle School Winners

> Check out the High School Winners



The Dream Team - Hawaii
The Dream Team led an environmental campaign in their school and the greater community by generating awareness of clean and renewable energy sources. They shared their message in eleven different languages! Find out more!

L.I.F.E - California

The L.I.F.E. team spread their message that energy conservation can help reduce greenhouse gases. The team accomplished their goal to educate and serve as a catalyst for change. Find out more!

Marine Science Researchers - California
The Marine Science Researchers used photography and hands-on GIS (geographic information system) research to document the importance of creating more protected biodiverse marine areas. Find out more!

Newberry Environmental Girls - Florida
The Newberry Environmental Girls chose sust