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Read Aloud With Your Child: Video Demos

What's the best way to help your child succeed in school and life? Read to him, early and often!


Reading together helps build vocabulary and literacy skills, but it also boosts listening comprehension, sparks imagination, and helps you discuss tough topics. And of course, snuggling up with a book strengthens your relationship. Benefits begin at babyhood and last well into the teen years, so get reading! These videos offer age-by-age tips on how best to capture your child's attention when reading aloud.

Birth to 2 Years

Read Aloud To Your Baby
It's never to early to read aloud with your child. Sharing books helps both tiny babies and busy toddlers associate reading with special one-on-one closeness — the first step to a lifetime love of reading. Watch as Annalisa engages her 2-year-old son, Clark, with a simple touch-and-feel story. Stumped about what to read? Try these expert picks for babies and toddlers.

3 to 5 Years

Read Aloud to Your Preschooler
Your goal now: Set the stage for reading by helping your child learn to love books. Wow her with wordplay, bright colors, and cute characters and at the same time, you'll reinforce that special parent-child connection. See how Kosi's mom helps her 3 year old enjoy a funny fairy story, and find more book recommendations perfect for preschoolers.

6 to 8 Years

Read Aloud to Your GradeSchooler
As your child learns to read, boost her skills by introducing chapter books. Read-alouds should be more challenging than read-alone choices, to help build vocabulary and comprehension skills. (See below for advice on coaching your child when he reads to you.) But don't forget the fun! Lola and her mom show how they cuddle up with a mysterious title; your child might enjoy one of these top picks for new readers.

Coach Your Beginning Reader
There's a fine line between helping your child as he learns to read and discouraging him with too much instruction. See supportive strategies in action as Donna helps her 6-year-old son, Leo, read a storybook.

9 to 12 Years

Read Aloud to your Preteen
As kids get busy with homework and extracurriculars, it's easy to give up family reading time. Resist! They still gain a lot from your special attention and the sound of your voice. Watch as Alvaro's dad lures him away from the television with a cool graphic novel. For your child, consider sharing a timeless chapter book.

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