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Inside The Castle Corona

Author Sharon Creech talks to Kid Reporter Megan Dolan about her latest book

By Megan Dolan | null null , null
Author Sharon Creech. (Photo courtesy HaperCollins Children's Books)
Author Sharon Creech. (Photo courtesy HaperCollins Children's Books)

Scholastic News: What character do you relate to most?
Sharon Creech: In The Castle Corona, I most relate to Pia, a character who is on the "outside" but who likes to imagine what life is like elsewhere.

Scholastic News: How long did it take you to write The Castle Corona?
Sharon Creech: This book took about two years to write.

Scholastic News: How did you come up with the personalities of the characters?
Sharon Creech: The characters' personalities evolve as I write. I rarely know much about them when I begin. Then, when I see how they might react to another character or to a situation, I begin to learn more about them. I knew from the beginning that all of the royal family would be a bit foolish, for instance, but I didn't know in what ways until I "met" each one in the story.

Scholastic News: Do Prince Gianni and Pia get married?
Sharon Creech: I don't know! What do you think? If I were to write that part of the story, then I would know.

Scholastic News: What was your inspiration for The Castle Corona?
Sharon Creech: Many things inspired me, but most important was the image in my mind of a glittering castle. I wondered who would live there and who would live outside the castle and what would happen if the "insiders" and "outsiders" met.

Scholastic News: What was the first thing you did when the idea of The Castle Corona came into your head?
Sharon Creech: I let the idea of the castle roll around in my head for many, many years! When finally I could "see" the royal family and the peasant children, I started writing. First I wanted the reader to meet Pia and Enzio. Then I wanted them to see the castle and meet the royal family.

Scholastic News: What do you want your readers to get from reading The Castle Corona?
Sharon Creech: I hope they enjoy the story. There is not one message I hope they will "get."

Scholastic News: How does the story relate to your childhood?
Sharon Creech: This story does not relate very much to my childhood except that we were definitely not rich and I suppose I always wondered what it would be like to live with wealth (like the royals in this story.)

Scholastic News: What is your favorite type of story?
Sharon Creech: I most enjoy stories that are beautifully written and that have both a serious and humorous plot.

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