Scholastic News Edition 4
Scholastic News Edition 4 provides exciting science and social studies features and helps kids build their geography skills.

Beating Bullying

February 23, 2009

Watch these skits that students at Asher Holmes Elementary School wrote and performed to help stop bullying. The skits are inspired by student’s real-life experiences. Most of the skits teach tips for handling bullies. They also show how hurtful bullying can be.
  1. Book Smarts:
    Some not-so-cool kids try to get boys to do their book reports.
  2. Misunderstood:
    A girl gets bullied by some mean students.
  3. New at School:
    A new kid at school gets picked on for being a "book worm."
  4. Teasing Trouble:
    One boy gets teases because of his trouble with math.
  5. Bad Sports:
    Kids bully two boys over their football knowledge.

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